“Does Drooling Burn Calories?” MFW: No. 21

19 Jan

No. 21 FW2014

You know your outfit is good when you’re obviously disheveled, barely considered shoes and opting for a bean over combing your hair yet you still look well-groomed and refreshed.

Why get dress or even bother with omber, fur, prints, denim fitting and outfit styling next year when I could roll out the bed into Alessandro Dell’ACqua’s N° 21 (numero ventuno) fall/winter 2015 collection.

Here’s a wonderful world when business casual meets the classroom or relaxed workplace. Personally I am over denim! So this collection is right up my alley for flattering easy dressing. Slacks makes every guy butt look great, shows off my package very well and fits no matter the meal I’ve just had or skipped.

What is reshing and clean about this collection is how there is a sense of quirkiness that isn’t blatant or “Avant Garde” but more laid back and matured with the help of a serious color scheme and equal-sided tailoring. You can see how everything flows without being complex while still giving you fashion. The garments in this collection is great for making a smooth day of school, work or simply wandering in the city with other stylish friends. Another unisex collection that shapes’ will complement a man or woman. Sportswear is where it’s at, you can definitely see how the new generation of fashion consumers are influencing fashion with their on-the-go, go-with-the-flow style of dress.

Am I the only one who see how awesome but definitely comfortable those slides look?! Now to find some matching Woolrich socks to keep me from frostbite.


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