“When Being Hungry is Fulfilling.” LCM: Matthew Miller

17 Jan

Matthew Miller fw15
You ever finished eating something something so simply like an apple,cup of ice or leftover Mexican food from a bad weigh-in benge that it tasted so amazing that you wasn’t sure if you were just hungry or that apple was picked by Skinny-Jesus himself?

Well Matthew Miller’s fall/winter 2015 collection isn’t that. However, Matthew’s collection is impressive in its austere simplicity. Pared down to 22 looks including the 5 ladies that waked the catwalk as well, only three main hues; cream, wine and navy and a little fringe and crisp lines to make you really appreciate/see the gorgeousness of the simplicity.

Shirts, skirts and shoes are the stars of this Miller runway show. I love an androgynous collection and incase you haven’t opened a fashion magazine, watched a music video or looked at any red carpet events you’d know the androgyny appeal is all the rage no matter your background or taste.

This collection is a fav of the London Collection Men shows for me because this is another clean and true representation of fashion that will define this decade. The extended shirts with fringe are the right balances of provocative while still being quiet. It’s very rare that a collection can have some lux but understated textile, tailoring, hues and accessories all at the same time that still is very lucid and a standout.

This is so how I want my look to be next fall/winter. This is more to my personal style, I don’t mind trying new things and pushing boundaries but all in my own uncomplicated cinched comfort zone.

I’m raving over the full cream print number and the green & cream look. There are very few times when something so bare is all you need. Which is the key component along with construction and execution to creating or wearing unisex clothing as created by Matthew Miller.

BTW.. just send me all the shoes, size 9.5 US!


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