“Better Skinnier Than Never!” LCM: Joseph

17 Jan

Joseph FW15
I know, I know, I know, I’m 3 days late but it’s better skinnier than never! Or however the phrase goes. Meanwhile… before I clear my weekend schedule and kick off week two of my 14 day detox to delve into the live streams of Paris Menswear Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 I want to gush over this Joseph FW2015 collection from London Collection Men.

I am a guy that prefer the fit and tailoring of my clothing to be more slim and close to the body. I believe that a more fitted look is cleaner, streamline and will keep me in the gym! Although, this Joseph collection has me wavering and happens to be perfect for next Winter.

This collection is brilliant to me because it is oversized with a cozy sensibility to it however, not losing its sharpness with tailoring or drowned with too many oversized busy knits. This collection is a perfect collection for a guy who simply enjoy looking good and of course wants to stay warm. There are so many aesthetics I noticed while overlooking this collection; you have preppy with the sweaters, business casual with the color palate and a bit of modern easiness with the leather, knitted warm-up and fur fanny-packs. I fancy the zippers at the bottom of the pants, the structure of the coats and for obvious reason the paper bag like pants (very forgiving for the holiday eating season.)This is a collection that is exemplary of how the current style period is having an effect on what we may consider standards. There is no “concept” or homage to another decade or theme. Just great exactly tailored oversized clothing with a warm but masculine color scheme for men who love clothing made for TODAY.


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