Gym Destroying Your Grip?

29 Dec

Christmas may be over but winter has just begun, now it’s time to buy something for yourself that you REALLY could use during the upcoming dry, windy and extremely cold months.

When it comes to our bodies fellas we initially think the gym (as you should) and some that are a bit more advance in male hygiene and maintenance may think skincare. However, I’m referring to our hands, feet and lips- today’s focus, the hands.

Looking and feeling great isn’t just about how many pounds you deadlift or squat nor the price tag on your tailored suit or exclusive new sneakers. We have to be conscious we are looking after and treating our entire body with great care. Who cares about your wardrobe and ab count with hard crunchy cracked ashy hands? Clearly not you, but no one else for that matter.

Just like your face after a fresh save or your lips when they begin to peel, moisturizing your hands is beneficial from your workout to your handshake.

Last month I reviewed a face scrub from a men’s skincare line Urth SKIN SOLUTIONS FOR MEN. Made in Los Angeles, formulated for the specific needs of men, Urth’s comprehensive line of face, body and shaving preparations offers a multitude of botanical-based solutions to satisfy man’s quest for great-looking, healthy skin. Well I love all thier men’s products so much I had to go back and try thier DRY HAND RESUCE (2.5 fl oz $22) that not only hydrated my hands but nourish and repairs them as well.

Urth Hand Rescue (2)
Here’s the skinny… between yoga, lifting weights and constantly washing my hands in general along with the fact the brittle cold isn’t any help my hands were beginning to get rough and calloused. Now my trick to smooth yet strong hands have been an almond butter, emery board to file away the calluses and sometimes sleeping with socks or knitted gloves on my hands. Also, frequent manicures and switch to a greener less abrasive and soap.

What make Urth’s Dry HAND RESCUE amazing and my new go to hand lotion is that all I need to do now is just keep my hands clean. The hand lotion isn’t greasy therefore, no staining towels wiping off excess, slippery grip or a sticky feeling like many other hand creams I’ve tried. It’s worked within the first application I noticed all day moisture, it soften up my hands and immediately repaired my calluses and dried cuticles. I even used to to awesome results during the peeling of my tattoo.

The lotion has a very earth outdoorsy smell (rosemary, peppermint and tea leaves) that is perfect for a guy’s guy. It’s not watery, goes on smooth while still working like a thick cream. Other key ingredients are shea butter, soybean, eucalyptus oil and rice wax all help to keep my hand good throughout winter and my next workout.

Put those Xmas gifts cards to use and purchase this hand moisturizer that works and is just as important to your workout as your headphones and trainers. It’s perfect size for travel or just throwing in my gym bag although I keep it in my car because that where I am majority of the time anyways. Oh yeah, and it don’t freeze!


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