Thinspiration: David Agbodji for Antidote Magazine.

20 Dec


Feeling fat and under-dressed? Well you should! I don’t know how many times I can yell, tweet or type to you fatties that summer bodies are built in the winter.

I know, I know the food is just too good and plentiful this time of year and the bed is too warm to be heading to the gym before work however, you’re going to be one depressed butterball when spring rolls around and you’re still round.

Side note: Right now is the best time to get the best deal on gym memberships before they gouge the prices in a week for the weight loss New Year’s resolution crowd. Also, that means the weight and cardio rooms are empty!!! (I love when I have the gym all to myself and don’t have to fight the elderly over a treadmill or bike.)

If you need any reason to look great this holiday party season the world’s best thinspiration David Agbodji’s slender but strapping body, onyx like skin and pure sleek opulent wardrobe featured in this spread should be all the motivation you need.

I know I’m going from comfortable street chic this holiday season but for those of you men that want a little more UMPH for your holiday attire, supermodel and brilliant photographer David Agbodji teams up with fashion photographer Miguel Reveriego and fashion editor Yann Weber for the Fall Winter 2014 edition of Antidote Magazine. Set design is work of Jesse Kaufmann at Frankreps.

I know the styling isn’t much but you have to admit that these images are none other than cool and marvelous. I’m enthralled at even though the styling is mode they still come off as bad ass. I mean, who really can pull off a glitter chest at a Christmas or NYE party? None of us but that don’t mean we shouldn’t stop the bench presses.







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