À la carte

9 Dec

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What really make a person a loner? I mean… I have a younger brother but you’d never know it if I didn’t tell you. I have a set of friends that are dear to me and I’m very close to my family however, neither of those aspects are shown in my personality. I love attend parties, can work in groups, travel and enjoy hosting game night but that don’t mean I will come to yours.

Yes, I greet strangers whom I make eye contact with, and will help a person with a flat tire but for the most part I couldn’t care less what is going in other’s life outside of our interactions together.

Many people associate being a loner with not being a “people person,” angry or self-conscious. Quite the contrary, being a loner is a person that is perfectly fine with doing all those thing by themselves, prefer the simpleness of life and is constantly consciously working on the person they are becoming.

Most importantly a loner is someone that doesn’t wait on the approval or arrival of others to press on. Many people halt their life waiting for someone else albeit, friends, family or lover only to find themselves missing out on life or sometimes leading a life that isn’t theirs. There are a few of you that are bored and sitting around right now wishing you had someone to hangout with to do “stuff” with. That’s why I’m a loner because, I am perfectly ok with playing by myself. I don’t need a gym partner, playmate or someone to tag along with to keep me from boredom or making an adventure of the day.

Stop being lazy waiting on someone to excite your life. Be a loner; gas up your car, charge up your camera, and use those Groupons! Also, I’ve always believed in doing your dirt alone therefore no one can tell your story but you.

Photographed & Edited by: Theodolph Mason
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Shawl-Collar Cardigan: Austin Reed Dillard’s $66
V-Neck Sweater: Calvin Klein 6pm.com $70.99
Denim: 511 levi’s $39.99 JCP
Saddle Oxfords: Perry Ellis Burlington Coat Factory $21.98
Accessories: (Rings; Aldo. Bracelets; MK, Giles & Brother, Ross and feastfashionfaves.com)


One Response to “À la carte”

  1. Manu December 9, 2014 at 3:56 pm #

    Wise words and beautiful photos.

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