Smell awesome even at the gym.

25 Nov

Balla Body Spray
Axe your overpowering, obnoxious and offensive body spray you’ve got as a Christmas gift last year that you’ve yet to use up!

Let’s face it, male body sprays are nauseating and not in the good maxing out on the leg press during leg day nauseating. I understand why some guys prefer body spray; it’s less expensive than cologne, can be applied all over the body and more in quantity.

That’s why I was excited when Balla for men sent me their latest scent to try. I am all about developing a signature scent. Having a signature scent will guarantee no one forgetting you. They say “outta sight out of mind” but we all know the number one memory provoking factor is smell. So if you have a signature scent it’s in their sheets, car and memory bank. Try forgetting me now!

I had already prejudge the Balla’s fragrance just based on the fact that I’m not a teenage boy. However, this scent is all man but don’t John Deer man. Balla body spray isn’t musky, full of some type of tree bark and definitely not soft like a lady.

I was wow’d at how refreshing the fragrance is without being the stereotypical man scent of pine, sandalwood or cedar and frankincense. It has a powder aspect to it that actually plays with your natural body chemistry.

I use it after a midday workout when I didn’t want to smell dull nor reapply my regular cologne, on my gym bag (for obvious funky reasons) and currently while traveling so that I can have a complete coverage that isn’t so strong during winter when everyone has their heater on cook everyone body temperatures.

If you’re more of an athletic guy or just afraid of the fragrance clerk at the mall then, get this- it perfect.

Head over to to see all the local retailer you can pick yourself up a bottle.


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