“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 12

19 Nov

Cheers to all of you who haven’t started slacking in the gym just because it’s cold outside, you’re going to look great next summer! Don’t believe me, well here are three strong reasons to stay motivated in “Junk Food Journals:” Entry 12.

It’s so easy to put a workout off or skip a day however, when you step on that scale you’re going to regret it. This is the worst time of year for our guts so don’t wait till New Year’s to get it under control.

While you’re trying to kill time before Scandal airs or sitting around on the computer watching other people look great, get up off your flabby a** and tone it. You’re Welcome!

“Cut out a “time waster” and replace it with exercise.” -James Paylor

Evan Martin (1) Evan Martin (1) Evan Martin (2)
I’m Evan Martin (IG: Datboie_79)  and I have always been athletic and played many sports in high school, including football and basketball. I’ve never had a weight issue. I just never liked being thin and skinny. In 1999 I started lifting weights in the gym to put on size. When I started to see great physical changes I then decided to make fitness a part of my everyday life. Health and fitness is my #1passion every day I strive to be a better version of myself both mentally and physically.

Workout Philosophy: My workout philosophy is to make training an everyday part of my life. It is just as important as making money, eating food, and taking showers. You cannot live without those three things and you cannot live without fitness. Fitness to me, is a lifestyle not a hobby.

Breakfast: Fruit, bananas/apples and some oatmeal. Also I would have a protein shake.

Lunch: Chicken breast sandwich with whole wheat bread and some protein bars.

Dinner: Tilapia, chicken, and brown rice and whole wheat bread with spinach.

Cheat Day: Chips, cookies,pizza.

Diet Trick: I believe you can eat whatever you want within portion reasonable sizes. Just burn it off by doing a workout after the bad food you ate.

Problem Area: It was my legs, now no real problem areas.

Key to Discipline: Stay consistent, stay focused and stay disciplined! Always make time for fitness by making a schedule for yourself to train/workout.

Workout Routine: The majority of my training is done at home. Everyday I strive to do different workouts. Some days will be calisthenics, some days it will be cardio, and some days it will be weights…always mixing things up, is the key to getting true results and fighting off plateaus/boredom.

James Paylor (1) James Paylor (2) James Paylor (3)
My name is James Paylor (IG: SHILOHHERITAGE). I enjoy shopping, spending time with my family, and working out. I try to keep a positive attitude and mindset.

Workout Philosophy:  Go hard and give your all but don’t over do it. Know your limit!

Breakfast: Because I’m thin, and I want to gain weight, I have grilled cheese with bacon and gator tots with water just about everyday.

Lunch: Anything with carbs.

Dinner: Repeat lunch.

Cheat day: Bluebell Oreo Cookies n Cream Ice cream.

Problem area: It’s very hard for me to gain weight in the top half of my torso just under my chest.

Key to Discipline: Don’t over think analyze or yell to the world about going to the gym because I find it puts too much pressure on me to keep it up … Cut out a “time waster” and replace it with exercise.

Workout Routine:
Mon: Legs , glutes, quads.
Tues: Shoulders and abs.
Wed: Cardio/abs.
Thurs: Back and biceps.
Fri: Chest and triceps.
Saturday & Sunday : Rest (maybe 30 mins of your choice of body part.)

Adriel Adams   (1) Adriel Adams   (2) Adriel Adams   (3)

My name is Adriel (IG: AAADRIEL)and I am 28. I started taking my fitness seriously April 2013. I was 240 lbs, about a 43 inch waist and I just decided that’s not who I wanted to be or what I wanted to look like. It took me about 4 months of STRICT dieting and workouts to lose the weight and gain muscle over fat.  Currently I am trying different things out to gain some lean mass. I don’t know much about fitness lol. I just ask a lot of questions, follow a lot of people who inspire me and go hard in the gym and with the dieting when I can.

Workout Philosophy:  Workout until failure, work out the whole body (don’t skip legs it makes a difference in all your other workouts) ask lots of questions, and be consistent. Understand that everyone comes from different places and everyone won’t understand your struggle.  Some people are larger trying to get smaller and others are smaller trying to get larger. Talk to people that have been through your struggle.  If you decide to get a trainer find someone who is genuinely interested in fitness. Never pay someone for training  that hardly trains themselves. Never sign up for one of those services in which you get a different trainer every time you visit. Your trainer is your friend and your mentor. He/she knows when you bullshit and know when you are giving it your all.  They know your max and your minimum. They start to care about your results as much as you do. I recommend to workout with someone that is into men’s physique not just personal training. Trust me that makes 100% of the difference. All in all, you can try it without a trainer first! There are so many other resources.

Breakfast: Egg white & plain oatmeal.

Lunch: Chicken, vegetables and a yam or brown rice.

Dinner: Meat: Fish/chicken/99% lean ground turkey. Vegetables: Anything green. Carbs: Whole grain items or yam.

Cheat Day: Cheat day 🙂 We all deserve a little ice cream LOL. But we pay for it. When I dont cheat I see it. When I do I see that too.  Cheat meal is buffalo wings. When I am really on top of my diet the food doesn’t tempt me BUT I have a sweet tooth! THE SUGARS are the WORST! I try to not allow myself to get too hungry because that’s when the craving starts. Also, I never go to the grocery store hungry. Its a setup! Everything looks delicious.  When I do have a snack I make sure its not breakfast and not dinner. I also try to make sure its on a day in which I am drinking a lot of water and a higher intensity day like leg day or cardio and chest day. If I am going to a family event or BBQ, I try to eat something before I go. That way if I do eat, its not much and I’m not craving the peach cobbler or the apple pie lol.

Diet Trick: I think I struggled the most with diet when I didn’t know what I could and couldn’t eat. Walking in the grocery store and trying to figure out if some particular item was OK or if it wasn’t. I learned really fast to keep it simple. Don’t try to play the line of “ok” and “not ok”. It just confused me and stressed me out. KEEP IT SIMPLE, chicken, fish, 99% lean meat is good. Everything else is not.  If you’re trying to lose weight I personally recommend staying away from red meat.  I avoid processed meats (and foods), like chicken nuggets or Tyson chicken tenders, they are not ok. For carbs; only whole grain pastas, whole grain rice and baked yam. Use different seasoning for your meats to make it taste different.  Eat more meals but smaller portions. Healthy fats can be your friend. As you even out your portions and start to consistently eat 4 and 5 meals a day you will start to become hungry. That is a GOOD sign because that means your metabolism is increasing. Have a few almonds with your meal at the end. This keeps you from being hungry. There has been so many times that I waited to eat the almonds and I ate the whole bag LOL. That’s not good. If you eat them at the end of your meal they will help you before you get hungry. I try to keep my sugar and fat intakes lower. 100% juices and even fruits have lots of sugar and you do need sugars but just remain aware of how much your eating in the day. Drink lots of  water (lay off the sugar in coffee and drinks, read the back) . **Do not carb starve! it is bad for you, it decreases energy, it creates a starving feeling and your body starts to break down protein for energy instead of carbs, and that means the protein you are taking in is not being used to build muscle**

Problem Area: TIME. Time is an issue for me. Making time to eat the amount of meals and having time to make them. The best thing to do is cook for 2 and 3 days at a time. In the event you can’t, don’t go to your local fast food. Find grocery store get a rotisserie chicken and a bag of steam fresh veggies. If you need your carbs then you can get a yam or Uncle Ben’s whole grain 90 second rice.

Key to Discipline: Don’t depend on others to go with you. Take pictures so you can see where you’re coming from and where you’re headed. If you’re not headed in the right direction then you will be able to see that. If you’re progressing in one area over the other then, you will know. When you’re working out you wont notice your progress unless you have older pictures to reference. (Morning pictures are the best) Don’t be afraid to ask someone on Instagram or read on how someone  achieved their results and what else can you do to achieve the same. Follow fitness people. There are lots of tips and tricks and lots of inspiration online. Always remember the reason you started to workout!

Workout Routine: Right now I set days. Chest/triceps day, leg day, back/biceps day, and shoulder/calf day. I try to workout the complete muscle by choosing 5 or 6 exercises per muscle.  At about 4 sets and 10 reps of each exercise. For right now chest  day I do incline, decline and regular bench press. I also do dumbbell fly’s and usually pick something else. I have my routine and once it becomes too routine I do the same exercises in a different order. Same thing applies to all the other parts and days 5 different exercises 10 reps each.


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  1. Simply Chic November 24, 2014 at 10:14 pm #

    whoa! that is some crazy transformation right there!

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