Smooth as Chocolate.

18 Nov

Menaji Skincare (1)Photographed by: Theodolph Mason

Who care’s about your waist when your face is even, smooth and radiant as the sun?! Everyone actually, but that besides the point.

I love skincare confection like a fat kid love a good box of assorted chocolates. However, during this time of year with the weather changing and noshavember upon us I have to really pay attention to my skin to keep my mug as tight and clean under the scruff and all the sweet breakout causing treats this holiday.

There once was a time when the only thing a man had in his skincare arsenal was a warm washcloth and a shaving kit he either stole from his dad or was bought by a woman in his life.

Men are as self conscious about their skin as women. We go through the same things as, dark circles, blemishes, scars, acne and breakouts, not mention are skin is oilier than women. On the bright side that why we age more gracefully… there, I said it!

Of all the route to presentable skin I’ve never tried makeup, for obvious reason but because I didn’t see how it would cure the problem rather than cover it up. However, makeup artist Chris McKinley express in his feature of “Taste Coach” this is a new trend with men and ‘complexion correction’ skincare.

This was a perfect opportunity to reach out to Michele Probst founder of Mënaji Skincare for The Confident Man to try out her line of dermatologist and chemists tested men’s skin treatment and corrective products.

Founded after her twenty years of experience in the fashion photography, television, film and video industries. Some of her clients include, Aaron Neville, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Bryan Batt, Katie Couric, Chris Matthews, Enrique Inglesias, Jay Leno, Kid Rock, Larry King, Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, Tim McGraw, Tom Brokaw and many more. Her specialty is making her celebrity male clients look youthful and natural without looking made-up.

After our awesome and informative phone conversation about our love of healthy skin she sent me a package of her most savored facial treats for me to devourer and share with my readers.

Menaji Skincare (2)

Menaji Skincare (5)

First, what I love about the packaging when I received the product is that it comes in a repurposed cigar box to be a bit discrete and butch up the the fact I’ve just ordered makeup. After a week of wearing and testing each product I can break down and review each included in my package.

Menaji Skincare (3)

Deep Cleansing Masque:($26 3.4oz/100ml) This was my favorite of them all. It reminded me a bit of Noxzema, it has a mentholated pore opening feeling that I could feel working while I applied and left it on for 15mins before my shower. It left my face very clean and very open. It get’s a deep cleanse without all the hard work. This can be used everyday for a mini facial.

Face & Body Scrub:($30 5.75oz/170ml) Now I’m very particular about trying new things to wash my body with being that I have already developed a body wash and moisterizer system that I’m not messing with. Therefore, I only use this as a facial scrub, it’s not abrasive, pleasantly scented and similar to my Nivea Men face scrub. It’s good for removing the deep cleanse masque for a broader wash.

911 Eye Gel & Lip Balm Agent: ($36 1.0oz/28g & $7.50 0.15oz/4.2g) The 911 Eye Gel is sent directly from sleep deprived Skinny-Jesus himself, I absolutley love it. Simply dab it under your eye, let it air dry and last night is just that! It contains a combination of chamomile, aloe and wheat protein. All hypoallergenic and oil-free!For quick and better results store it in your refrigerator for an ICY application. The lip balm isn’t anything special but a good reminder to protect your lips as you do your skin especially this winter.

Menaji Skincare (4)

HDPV Anti-Shine Powder: ($35 10g powder) When I initally open the package I was a bit apprehensive at the tone choices being a Black male with a darker complextion. I was sent Tan, Bronze and Dark! My suspicion was right, none of the color worked for my complexion. You guys should have seen my face the first day I tried the product, I was casket ready. However, being the resourceful skinny savant I am I watched a few youtube tutorials and noticed that the colors that most women use aren’t their natural skin color either. What I did was use each tone in a different area of my face to even out, highlight and match my complexion.

I did the Dark on my jaws and temples, the Tan under my eyes and the Bronze in my T-zone and cheekbones then use the brush to blend. What I realized in my application is that press powder isn’t for fully covering your face but to clean it up, minimize shine and directly cover up blemishes and bruises. Also, it’s better used for pics and not everyday use because after a while I experienced a burning sensation as it sank into my pores (yet it wasn’t heavy apart from the burning I barely noticed it on) and it started to settle under my eye giving me the appearance of crow’s feet and I’m only 29!

Overall, I love the idea of Mënaji products, they a very cost effective, made is the U.S.A. and pro men. As well as, with everyone an Instagram model these days they are the perfect filter for the perfect selfie. The only problem I had was skin matching with the powder. Other than on a scale of 1-10 I give Mënaji products a 7 1/2 because they don’t treat acne or razor bumps but does a good job at maintaining a fresh look.

Oh yeah, another thing to try is the Aftershave Hydrator ($34 4 oz/118ml) it double as a full face moisterizer. It has the consistency of a light lotion but last like an oil.


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