Sleep till Skinny.

17 Nov

Sleep till Skinny

You’re in the gym so much you receive mail there, your diet at this point only consist of air and every extra dime is spent on running sneakers, dri-fit and whatever gadget that claims to burn more calories yet you’re still the same size you were last month. Well then, you’re still fat because you sleep horrible.

Studies have shown that lack of sleep is linked to obesity, low productivity and poor mood. All these contribute to that pudge around your slowly proteuding abs and puffy cheeks. Getting sleep is import to a healthy fit thin lifestyle. I know it’s practically impossible to get eight hours of sleep with all that we have going on and trying to achieve. However, how much time at night are you really spending getting to your dreams than watching t.v. and endlessly scrolling social media?

No matter how hard you go at the weights & cardio or pre-cook and plan your meals for the week if your body isn’t getting the appropriate about of rest your memory sucks, you stay bloated and your metabolism slows.

Sleep should be at the top of your diet tricks and apart of workout routine. Sleep is an important factor in your recuperating period after a long strenuous day or workout.

I experience all these annoying things when I trying to get my weight and body to peak display. When I got a handle on my sleep schedule I noticed my love-handles everoprating.

Here a few “getting to sleep tips,” how to not oversleep and having enough energy to take on the day dropping that excess fat.

Benefits: When getting to sleep on time you can regulate your blood glucose better, you are more creative and eager to get everything on your to-do list accomplished. The adequate amount of rest is perfect for your muscle and digestive system to repair and empty itself so that you can begin the day with a fresh start and not the same crap in your system from previous days.

Habits: Just as you schedule everything else in your life do the same with your sleep. By doing this you’ll create a habit that even when you’re not thinking about it your natural reaction will be to always follow suit. For example, I get in the bed at 10:30 p.m. no matter what every weeknight whether I’m sleepy or not. I try to have all my work done by then or organized enough that I can resume it the next day. By getting to bed at the same time every night I’m in the right place to doze off rather than on the sofa or staying up late aimlessly doing things that will only wind the clock down. Give yourself a deadline to have dinner done, face washed and work/school looks pulled so you can head to your room. Also, getting to bed early keeps you from late night snacking.

Goodbye Gadgets: For Lent this year I put my phone, tablet and laptop in the living-room before bed and I’m quite sure it contributed to getting to my 168lbs weight goal. I wasn’t answering emails, responding to rather boring texts nor was I up refreshing my screen looking at other fatties posts their insomnia angst. Also, if you use your phone for an alarm, you are sure to get up on time if you have to get out of bed to go to another room to dismiss it. Relax your brain and eyes. If you must have some sort of electronic invest in an Android Wear or Jawbone, these life-trackers help you keep track of your sleep progress.

Squat Schedule: Change your workouts to morning instead of night. Working out in the morning give you more energy, lowers your blood pressure and makes you more sleepy at night. Exercising before bed only induce endorphins giving you that unwanted need to find other random things to do in the middle of the night.

Liquids: I know many of you need your liquid energy to function but no caffeine after noon so it will wear off by 7 p.m. and switch to green tea in the a.m. instead of coffee it’s speed your metabolism, boost energy and cleanse you. This goes without saying but drink your water people. Stay hydrated and you’ll never worry about midnight cravings. Reserve sugar (if you must) in the morning to give you the rest of the day to work it off and not keep you up or sit around your waist. Any sleepytime tea or wine is the perfect nightcap to take the edge off for an early slumber.

Sanctuary Investment: This Christmas forgo the smart television in your bedroom and buy a new mattress, pillows and sheets that are comfortable, plush and muted in color. I know I pass out every time I’m at a hotel with their huge memory foam mattress, down pillows and 400 double-ply or 800 single-ply thread count sheets as they engulf my body. For obvious reasons I turned my bedroom into my own little hotel. Now I can’t wait to get into bed, sometimes it’s hard to get me out of it.

Motivation: As hard as it is to go to bed on time it’s just as hard to wake up. Therefore it’s always best to have a game plan the night before to give you all the thinspiration to get to bed early and want to get out of it even in this cold weather when your bed is at its most toasty comfort. Plan a large breakfast because everyone except me loves thinking about food, this will get you excited about getting to bed and you’d have to get up in enough time to get it prepared, eaten and cleaned before work. Organize your day in order to stay busy wearing you out for the new bed you’ve just copped. Clean your home, nothing worse than trying to find peace of mind in a chaotic mess of clutter.

Soothing Sounds: Now that you’ve moved your television and laptop out the room and you happen to be one of those constant thinkers who can’t shut off their mind at night. Find a Pandora station of instrumentals (yoga, classical or jazz), create a playlist of songs you don’t know the words to or download a sound app to program aquatic, nature or city sounds that will drown out your thoughts and make you drowsy.

Weekend & Sex: Don’t stop your sleep schedule just because it’s a weekend as well as, don’t wait till after midnight for a release, do it as soon as nightfall to release those biochemicals that make you tired.

Stay consistent and catch some z’s!


2 Responses to “Sleep till Skinny.”

  1. Manu November 18, 2014 at 1:04 am #

    You are absolutely right! Anyway I have always prefered sleeping much more than eating. Beautiful pic (as usual) 🙂

  2. stylentonic November 18, 2014 at 6:30 am #

    I definitely need more sleep!!!!

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