Weight Watchers! Fall/Winter Menswear Trends.

21 Oct

While you are watching your waist and chest in that gym mirror (and not watching your belly on that sofa) I’ve been rewatching runways show from NYC, London, Paris and Milan Menswear Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014-15. There are a few trends to take notice of to get that extra bit of motivation to do another rep to really pull of the latest mode attire. I did a small round of things that stuck out to me from every designer’s collection.

Many fashion crooners may not care for trends but we all need to have some reference point or a helpful reminder that what we are wearing isn’t completely off key. Being tacky is subjective but being out of season is quite awful.

Statement Coat

The Statement Coats: Designer’s such as Custo Barcelona, Opening Ceremony showcased animal print or very structured coats and jackets, while Dior Homme, Siki Im and Raf Simon drew all over theirs and Sacai, Frankie Morello, and Missoni went with capes or blankets to fashionably fight the cold this season. Even some designers played with omber, geometrical shapes and appendages (Neil Barrett, Valentino and General Idea.) The reason being that your coat is the first and sometimes only thing people see when we walk into the room or on the street therefore it’s only befitting to make your outerwear the main attraction of your ensemble. One thing undoubtedly, designers put a lot of creativity into their menswear outerwear with long, short, cropped, ornate, minimalist, enveloping or streamline creations. Don’t skimp on purchasing the best coat this season even if it’s the only one you buy. You want your coat to be stylish but full of your personality no matter the length, color or genre, so take your time or just indulge. A full closet equals and an empty belly.


Neoprene: If you have leather in your closet, great! However, don’t go out and buy more the new must have textile designers are using to create masterpieces this fall/winter is neoprene. Simply leer at Robert Geller, Alexander Wang and John Galliano collections and you will see the weather, sweat and other intense chemicals proof textile manipulated into some funky sweatshirts, leggings and shorts. Whether you appreciate an eccentric vibe or a urban appeal this versatile but strong fabric can be whatever you want. I absolutely enjoy when fashion is taken to the next level yet still understandable and exciting. The exaggeration each designer did with neoprene should thinspire you all for new workout clothing or some dope sidewalk looks. A very futuristic and clean look that can give volume without losing comfortability.

Black Blucher

Black Blucher: While every other male shoe lover are obsessing over and Instagraming their new Chelsea boots no wardrobe is complete without a strong black Blucher (or oxford). Nicole Farhi, Cerruti 1881 and Duckie Brown accompanied their wonderful collections with either a dapper, chunky or dainty shiny Blucher. A good black shoe is classic but a good black shoe with character is NOW. Add some charisma to your streamlined minimalist look with a standout shoe that is simple in color but flamboyant in architectural design. The intricate the shoe the better. As we all know black goes with everything and this shoe is the perfect way to grow up your look without forgetting your youth.


Camel: Last year it was all about the camel coat (a la Kanye West), it’s only natural that this season the color of the moment is camel. Carven, AMI and Salvatore Ferragamo based their entire runway garments around the smooth regal airy masculine hue. Camel is a color that is so fall and pairs well with any color. Don’t believe me? Head over to Vouge.it and revisit all the fall/winter 2014-15 collections, there you’ll witness for yourself my brilliance as every designer included the color from Fendi to Lou Dalton. Camel is a color that add importance to a look. It’s doesn’t clash nor does it irritate the complexion, camel is a color one can wear year round but ideal for fall. Albeit, a boot, bag or coat add come camel to your clothing rotation.

Loose Structure

Loose Structure: Who says going baggy has to be sloppy? E. Tautz the Tour De Force of this silhouette did a breathtaking job of creating active/solid shapes with the midas touch of intricacy. Even non refine designers created their versions of the open anatomic form  such as Agi & Sam and Andrea Pompilio. To achieve this look (this is where your neoprene may come in handy) keep your shirt simple and lithe while you do a long or cropped oversized outer piece paired with a cropped nicely pressed wool or silk pant. Of course adding a chunky shoe…oh and don’t forget a strong but flowy scarf. Loose structure is the new layering where you can play with soft fabrics like silk, mesh or jersey up against heavy crafted fabrics like wool, mole hair or neoprene. When in doubt turn to Burberry’s f/w collection, notice Christopher Bailey’s motion and take with length, textile and size.


2 Responses to “Weight Watchers! Fall/Winter Menswear Trends.”

  1. samuelwthomas November 24, 2014 at 3:10 am #

    Great post, loving the camel and neoprene. Always a pleasure to read good coverage on menswear.

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