Fighting For The Last Meal.

18 Oct

The greatest fight of the century will be going down November 6th at every H&M location across the US. I am ready to fight every other fashion loving sportswear gym clothes wearing but never working out fatty next month as I cop the Alexander Wang neoprene sweatshirt, running tights and sweat pants.

This diffusion line with Alexander Wang and H&M is set to be the biggest high-end low-end collaboration since H&M tapped Donatella to create a capsule collection in 2011. What makes this collection exciting is Wang’s young, hip and very talented American modern design style that young buyers recognize but haven’t the money to afford his runway clothing and H&M is just the place for Alexander to expand his name and not lose his luxe as a high-end designer.

Just when I thought I was over another overtly sexual 90’s hip hop inspired sportswear collection Wang created one that is not only edgy and boss but it’s a style that all sized people like to wear. How many time have you went out on a Saturday or Sunday and seen half the city running their errands in sweats and sneakers as if they just left spin class? Pretty much everyone love comfort clothing, Wang understands that, he just took his personal current structured urbane modern aesthetic to give a more hard fashionable remix to the on-the-go fashion choice.

I hate using the word “edgy” to describe collection because its so structural urbane modern minimalist active-wear.

I love workout clothing to actual workout in that’s why this collection will be ideal for my winter gym attire. Neoprene is the fabric of the season and looking like a contestant in the 90’s obstacle course show “American Gladiators” is the look of the season. Comfort, structure, style and sex appeal are working in harmony with this collection. The best part is that low-end H&M shoppers don’t fell cheated on experiencing a high-end designer’s fashions and high-end shoppers don’t feel embarrassed or put off by donning a diffusion line.

It’s very rare that you can please all audiences that’s why it took a young current designer to speak to the fashion culture of today. I am so ready to workout now, just looking at all these garments on these taunt models makes me want to do an extra set of squats.

As far as the actually show itself, wow! With a star studded audience and runway the marketing powers at be are bankrolling the promo on this collection. If you don’t believe take a gander at every magazine this month and I’m sure you’ll see ads or editorial spreads detailing the collaboration collection. The moment du jour of the show was a performance by Missy Elliot the queen of workout music and lover of tracksuits showing of her new weight loss.

Checkout the full menswear collection.


3 Responses to “Fighting For The Last Meal.”

  1. Manu October 21, 2014 at 4:43 am #

    Only in the States?

    • BougieHippie October 21, 2014 at 10:17 am #

      And online.

      • Manu October 21, 2014 at 10:40 am #

        Good to hear! Thanks!

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