Thinspiration: “In The Path Of A Lightning Bolt”

15 Oct

Deric for Vange (1)

Fitness + Fashion = Forever Fasting!

One thing I love more than being thin is dressing thin. By know you know I have an infinity for fitness attire, but not just a pair of heather grey gym shorts and white Hanes tee. I love walking into the gym, yoga class or running through my neighborhood in a well coordinated perfectly fitted style sweat resistant ensemble.

Looking great while I workout gives me that extra boost of energy to get out of bed and perfect my form while onlookers take in my well thought out but efficient gym look. It’s like back in school when you use to take random unnecessary trips to the trash basket or pencil sharpen during class just to make sure everyone saw your new outfit.

While everyone is out gearing up their fall/winter wardrobes for office, work and the sidewalk I’ve been scouring the web and end-of-season sales at the local sporting-goods stores to curate my fall/winter cardio looks. As I was coming up with reasons to take new running routes and show up those broads in my 6 a.m. spin class I landed on this editorial of the best dressed athletic guy with the most awesome guns in the world-  model Deric Mickens.

Photographer Casey Vange captures In The Path Of A Lightning Bolt story featuring the fully loaded Deric Mickens at Soul Artist Management styled by Anthony Pedraza in pieces from Third NYC collection.

Not only is Deric’s triceps are amazing and of course his pecs but his obliques are like works of art. At one point in the editorial I thought they were apart of the attire. This gorgeous man is just as appealing as the gear he is donning. I am on the hunt to the perfect modern warm-up set and this white number by Third NYC is my point of reference. I’m salivating over the lines, structure and sex appeal of these garments and how they still somehow are active-wear.

Menswear as a whole right now is all about incorporating sportswear into your daily look, from sneaker with suits to joggers with leather bombers. Between Deric’s body and Third NYC apparel if this doesn’t get you motivated to workout just embrace your jiggle because no one else will.

Deric for Vange (2) Deric for Vange (3) Deric for Vange (4) Deric for Vange (5) Deric for Vange (6) Deric for Vange (7) Deric for Vange (8) Deric for Vange (9) Deric for Vange (10) Deric for Vange (11) Deric for Vange (12) Deric for Vange (13) Deric for Vange (14)


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