Who Needs a Gym Membership Anyways?

8 Oct


Living this thin lifestyle we are bombarded and aided with different equipment, solutions, classes, pills and videos that promote a thin waistline, a plump butt and hard abs but do we really need all of it? Whatever happened to simple calisthenics in your living-room and cooking sensible meals in your kitchen?

Even though these things may help us on our skinny journey but sometimes we can get lost in the gimmicks and promises of slimmer jeans when we are searching for something that will work consistently for our own personally lifestyles. Same with menswear and personal style.

Yes our clothing is basic and sometimes monotonous; reasons why over-the-top and avante garde designers gain so much praise and hyper-beast when they present ostentatious collections each season. Reviewing a few collections from New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 I was stuck on Telfar‘s ss15 show.

This was a fresh spin on unisex basics. This collection is a very bare minimum clean mode medley. I appreciate how each of these garments can be the foundation of any aesthetic or simply stand alone as good everyday wear. The word wearability can sometimes be a bad word when referring to a designer’s well worked and very creative designs however, this word is perfect for Telfar. When you see these clothes you are again reminded how easy style should be and how cool it can be. It’s hard to pull of the effortless look, let’s face it some people are just blessed with good genes/jeans. But that doesn’t mean those who aren’t can’t look just as great.

Menswear to me is about pushing boundaries without going off the deep end. Like building the perfect body with dressing you have to start with great essentials and infuse other things that may work for you. Such as, this color pallet, its cool, light and complementary to just about any skin tone. The denim is the X factor to me with the interesting cut-outs and the fit is relaxed making it easy and flattering to many different body builds. Not every look we don have to be so fitted and pristine, sometimes a little slouch is good. The last two looks of the show are my favorite and of course the shoes. A very androgynous placid collection that is the perfect starting point for any novice fashion enthusiast.

It’s okay to drop all the excess, focus on looking great and find what works for you that you can keep up with. Also, the hard bodied black males don’t do anything to damages this collection. Which reminds me I need to do arms & chest during today workout!


One Response to “Who Needs a Gym Membership Anyways?”

  1. Simply Chic October 9, 2014 at 12:05 am #

    love the simplicity and understated fabulousness!

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