Pasta Primavera

3 Oct

Pasta-Primavera (1)

Before every diet I like to have a “last supper” so to speak. This could be anything from sugar and geese junk food snacks to a heavy carb & cheese loaded meal. I think the best way to stay on the right track of a new workout program, diet or lifestyle change is to over indulge in the things you are going to cut out of your life. Reason being, once you fill yourself up on something you begin to not crave it anymore giving you a better resistance to temptation.

Which lead me to cook a final meal before I started my “Skinny-Day” month long diet/workout program. The best part about vegetarianism is that even my crappy meals aren’t so bad because I still have to cook them. Tuesday I decided to go out with a bang before my two-a-days and restricted eating times, I made pasta primavera. I tweaked a few things from the original recipe I was taught by my mom. For example, I used sunflower seed oil instead of butter, whole wheat linguine instead of bleached pasta and coconut milk over evaporated milk.

Here’s how I prepared it…

1. Cook linguine as shown on package. Drain & keep warm.
2. Add sunflower seed oil to large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Adding green onion and garlic saute until soften.
3. Add mushrooms and broccoli; cook till tender.
4. Add snow peas, asparagus, bell pepper, milk, tarragon and black pepper; saute until crisp-tender.
5. Add linguine, cheese and toss to coat.

Bon Appétit


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