Does over-thinking burn calories?

21 Sep

Swimming in September_013

The last swim! I was in church this morning totally out of it. Feeling uninspired, disconnected and creatively drained. Church is usually my place of refuge and solace where I am able to just get away from the white noise of the previous week to decompress and prepare for the next week’s adventures.

I believe the worst thing that can happen to a person’s creativity is to not find the time to just do nothing! We are all so busy implementing and executing all that we can to achieve our goals but not taking the time to relish in our accomplishment or simply reorganize our thoughts and restructuring our plan for world domination.

After snapping out of my daze in church I came home and headed straight for the pool. Luckily for Kansans it’s still 90 degrees here and my apartment complex hasn’t closed the pool for the season. I think this is what I needed to get in a somewhat clear head space. I love the water! No mater if I’m in the shower, caught in a summer rain or just out for a swim, when I’m submersed in water I feel free.

Even when I do my daily meditation I play my mix of ocean and rain sounds to put my constantly roaming brain at ease. That’s why I love these images! While I was enjoying myself I thought, why not capture this moment. As well as, I haven’t taken any pool pics all summer.

Moral of the story: Find a place that is your own and just do nothing! It’s perfectly fine to rest as long as you get back up ready to go harder than where you left off.

If only over-thinking burned calories, I’d be at my goal weight right now.

Photographed by: Theodolph Mason
Swimming in September_003

Swimming in September_004

Swimming in September_005

Swimming in September_009

Swimming in September_014

Swimming in September_016

Swimming in September_037

Swimming in September_022

Floral Jersey: PacSun On The Bays $22.95
Training Pants: Dick’s Sporting Goods Adidas $21.99
Swim Bikini: Hugo Boss $17.99
Sandals: Nike $20
Accessories: (bracelet Nike+ Fuelband and anklet Kenneth Cole New York)


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