Taste Coach: Antwaun Wright

16 Sep

Art and taste should be synonyms! Both are subjective, both can be classist and lets face it, both are dictated by the taunt and creative. Art is used to describe anything creative from music, dance, writing to architecture and fashion. But what is it when art is turn from a noun to a verb?

Over time art; drawings, paintings or conceptual art has been explicit and descriptive of what the world is going through visually. Many artists are inspired to captured the times of the moment, some are inspired to mock current political & social climate while the rest simply are out to create beauty and transporting images.

After you scroll past the #ootd, endless car selfies and nature/buildingg posts on Instagram or Pinterest you can see a new wave of art culture of cool stylish kids taking a liking to the museum. Even if it’s for a fun photo-op artists are being celebrated!

This installment of “Taste Coach” was thinpsired by charming and provocative new artist Antwaun Wright. I became a glutton for his creations one night as I was curbing my late night cravings by ogling shredded bodied guys. I double tapped on one of his paintings and was instantly fascinated by his taste level and take to painting.

To call his work sensational alone is not enough. Wright’s paintings are an array of vivid multicolored stimulating jocose overall rather boss works. Each creation contains everything of today’s age: sex, street, humor and eccentricity. Check out the mind behind the hand in our interview then stop by his website: Antzinyopants.com for an extended view of his collection of masterpieces.

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Connecticut native, born, raised and still stuck here. Oldest of five, I come from a family full of creativity. Apparently it was swimming throughout my blood lol. Art is a way to express myself, my taste and my sexuality. It was my standout feature about myself. I feel like it sets me apart from others. I didn’t realize that I should make it a career until recently.

What was your first work of art?

AW- Wow, My first work of art I believe was a drawing of dinosaurs, that was a project I had to do in pre-school. It went on to being featured in the Hartford Courant (CT newspaper). Not sure how that happened. Didn’t think I had the skills then.

What got you into painting?

AW- Painting didn’t come until my senior year in high school, I was in AP art. My art teacher challenged me to take a risk with my art and painting was it.

What would you say your style of art is all about?

AW- It’s all about sexuality, freedom, nudity and today’s generation.
Sprout Logo

Favorite aspect of drawing or painting?

AW- That’s a good question. Never thought about that. I love the freedom aspect. Could literally create whatever comes to mind and make a story/theme out of it without feeling judge because it’s art.

How do you get out of a creative rut?

AW- That’s the ultimate struggle, it usually takes me awhile to get out of it cause I like to think too far out of the box with my work. I usually just take a break, visit museums, get others advice on my current work or just keep going until something I really like sticks.

What factors most influences your painting?

AW- As you can see bananas. It’s so many stories and eyebrow raises behind that. It’s like take a Keyshia cole song and turning into a Beyoncé song lol.
Pink Matter Blossom

Where do you find inspiration?

AW- I find my inspiration from some of my fave artist, such as Keith haring, KAWS and Andy Warhol and where I’m currently at in life

Art periods you go back to the most for reference?

AW- Most likely the 80’s. Not into ancient art too much. Although I appreciate all art.

Who are some artists or designers that have inspired you the most?

AW- As for artist, that would be Keith Haring, KAWS, Andy Warhol and sometimes new artist I discover. As for designers it would be Jeremy Scott. I love how he mocks pop culture in a playful fun way.

Three words to describe your personal style.

AW- Bold. Puzzling. Sexual.

Do you prefer drawing over painting?

AW- I prefer both actually cause most of my paintings start off as drawings. That’s how I figure out how to piece everything together and bring it to life.
Rocket Burger

What criteria go into creating an image or bringing a concept to life?

AW- A lot of thought process. It has to makes sense just from looking at it and also the title has to fit it as well, I feel like a title could tell so much before you even look at the art.

What does “taste” mean to you?

AW- Taste to me is having your own personal style, an eye for the right things in life. It has to be interesting with a pop to it, also it should be able to appeal to others.

Most savored work of art you’ve created?

AW- My most recent piece, a tribute to Keith Haring, along with some of my upcoming work.

Most distasteful work of art you’ve created?

AW- That’s funny cause it’s actually a piece that’s on my IG right now, it’s called “Chic Mafia”. I hate it so much, it’s actually sitting behind my dresser. I don’t wanna see it or be reminded of it. Didn’t turn out the way I had imagined.(Instagram:Anztinyopants)

How do you get in your zone to paint?

AW- It starts with some researching, trying to see what’s popular in Society and then trying to piece that together with my own ideas.

Is there a creating mood you set before creating; if so describe it?

AW- AC on full blast, blankets all over the floor to not ruin the floors with the paint. A good drink, put on some Sade, Gaga or Drake and just go to work. Usually half naked, need to feel free with the room door locked for no disturbance. Don’t like my work to be seen until complete.

Which environment do you like to paint/draw in, home or studio?

AW- It depends, although I prefer home cause I could really be comfortable, studio I could make a mess without having to clean up.
Fk Safe

Describe your aesthetic.

AW- You be on it with these questions, another question that takes a min to think about…. I can be insecure about my art, if it’s not great to my standards I won’t show it, you could think it’s great but I could hate it, so beauty and appearance plays a big role in this. So “perfect” would describe this.

Does pop culture play an important role in your creative process?

AW- Yes, Yes, Yes! I feel like it’s what helps my art feel relatable. I like to make things people can feel and relate to in a dope way.

Does your personal style of dress influence your art?

AW- Most of my clothes are black, so it’s a drastic difference from my art. My art is very colorful, I don’t own any colorful clothes. Eventually my art will start looking like my clothes… Maybe.

Any faux pas you’ve notices from other novice painters?

AW- Honestly, not that I’m aware of. I try to get lost in my own work, to notice anything else it can be a distraction to something possibly great, that’s how I look at it.

Any tips to anyone that is good at paint but haven’t the clue where to start?

AW- Pick a theme, think of a direction you wanna go in, stick with it, stay consistent and think of how you want people to view your work once it’s done.

Where do you wish to take (elevate) your work?

AW- I honestly want to get my art more out there, get into some museums for upcoming artist, get more exposure throughout social medial, venture into other art related projects. Basically don’t stop until I die a well known artist along side the greats. Just constantly push myself to not take breaks

Any upcoming shows?

AW- Not like I wish but I have some shows planned, I wanna do a full art show for myself. Probably for the new year. That would be a cool way to celebrate my birthday. Along with showcasing other artist artwork, ain’t nothing wrong with putting others on. It’s room for us all but I do have lots of cool projects in the works. Website, merchandise and of course more art. Stay on them toes lol.(Twitter: Antzinyopants


3 Responses to “Taste Coach: Antwaun Wright”

  1. Simply Chic September 18, 2014 at 11:22 pm #

    super talented!

  2. Theodolph L. Mason September 18, 2014 at 11:39 pm #

    LIke, REALLY good work. The man is talented!


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