À la carte

27 Aug

Marni DIY (1)
I want to start by stating that I was under the impression that dating a photographer is that I would have a guaranteed person to snap my pics for Instagram & #OOTD posts. Meanwhile we fight more over creating concepts, blurry images and the angles he captured me from making me look stubby and fat than the nudes in my phone.

Although every time the end results is both pleasing and flattering.

One of my most savored and thinspired collection this ss14 season was the Marni collection. In case you don’t know what fashion critics mean when describing a collection as “smart” then Marni explained it all. These garments from that collection were hip, crisps and jubilant. The prints added cheer, the silhouette are contemporary and the cuts of the pants/shorts are brazen.

I salivated so much over this collection I had to do a DIY of one the polka dot short sleeve oxford. A ten dollar shirt from Target and paint from Walmart helped me create a pretty good interpretation of the simple but clever shirt. What make this shirt awesome is that it doesn’t have an expiration date I can wear it for as long as it fits.

I styled it with joggers from PacSun and of some crisp Jays. The rings has been a summer favorite being that I can’t stack bracelets like I usually do due to the beaming sun and farmer’s tan on my wrists.

Again, I hate getting dressed in the summer I can’t believe I was able to pull off this look in this weather.

Photography & Editing by: Theodolph Mason
Marni DIY (4)

Marni DIY (2)

Marni DIY (3)

Marni DIY (5)

Marni DIY (7)

Marni DIY (6)

Shirt: Merona Target $10 (paint & supplies Walmart $7)
Jogger: Bullhead PacSun $49.95
Sneaker: Air Jordan 6 Retro Foot Locker $170
Accessories: (rings Forever 21 and bracelet Micheal Kors)


5 Responses to “À la carte”

  1. Tracy August 27, 2014 at 12:47 pm #

    How long have you two been together?

  2. stylentonic August 28, 2014 at 5:18 am #

    The shirt is gorgeous! Love the game with the balloons!!!! 😉

  3. Guy Overboard August 30, 2014 at 3:14 am #

    Great shooting!


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