Thinspiration: Concision, Precision, Decision.

7 Aug

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (1)
That awkward moment when you want to change your career but haven’t the wardrobe to support your workforce change. Now don’t get me wrong I have a lot of clothing.. a lot of clothing, but it seems more difficult than ever getting dressed for interviews that I’ve been wearing the same thing every week.

I’m always trying to reinvent myself physically, mentally, emotionally and style wise, even the space around me is up for constant change. Although, sometimes it’s hard to find that motivation to get up and go after the change you seek. Howbeit, the level of superficiality it may be we all need a little push.

That’s why “thinspiration” is so important to me. It’s not just about being skinny (which it really is) but it also consist of observing and collecting things that will help propel me into the universe that I feel best to elevate my quality of life.

I don’t need much but we all need a bit of motivation. Like with my wardrobe, of all the type of shopping I enjoy doing suit shopping is the most difficult. I don’t think I look my best in a suit. As well as, I’m not as convinced to wear one in the current horrific temperatures. This is why I count on Skinny-Jesus (my Google Now cards) and it’s daily devotionals. If you don’t know what Google Now is, it’s an intelligent personal assistant available on Android and iOS operating systems that basically keeps the most up-to-date information on your recent search history and send you card of related content. Here recently I’m enjoying the benefits of this app because I don’t have to search for thinspiration, it’s delivered right to me.

Prime example, this spread from Glass magazine was in my Google now cards this a.m. of two of my savored males models the even skinned beauty Corey Baptiste and the hard working beanstalk Tidiou M’Baye. Photographer by Mark Shearwood & styled by David Nolan in “Concision, Precision, Decision- Spring Colours & Cuts Men.” Inspired by french poet Victor Hugo this quote is simply perfect to what I dealing with right now. The use of this season’s premier men’s suiting helped to inspired me to do some rearranging of my closest to take stock of the things I have, don’t need and should get to create the look for the job I want.

Life & style is all about developing and maintaining beauty. No matter how you define beauty we all are inspired by something or someone in many ways. Let the things around you help inspire you to create the presence you desire. In turn you just may become someone else’s thinspiration.

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (2)

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (3)

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (4)

Spring Colours & Cuts Men (5)


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