Cut It Out.

3 Aug

Wave Room (1)
It’s Sunday, for me it’s grooming day. Time to manscape, clip, buff and nair away all that itchy scruff of the end of last week. Now, if you’re a lazy slob and didn’t make it to the barber Saturday and don’t know your way around a pair of clippers like me then you’re destined to continue to be ugly until Tuesday.

I know women have it rough in this game of beauty but with men gaining more interest in fashion and grooming we now have a peek into their mantic styling process. For most dudes Saturday morning is the day of the week where us guys set aside time to freshen up with a fresh shave, crisps haircut and shiny mani/pedi.

Sunday has become my preservation day. Every week I set aside an allocated block of time to give myself a facial, manicure, pedicure and shave my chest, stomach and bikini area. Along with any other things I consider will make me more presentable for the upcoming week i.e. teeth whitening, intense workout and sometimes tanning. This weekly ritual starts about two hours before Church, as controlling and neurotic I can be it’s rather relaxing that I can lock myself in my bathroom and cultivate my image and take a little “me time.”

Grooming is less about looking good for attraction purposes but more so for producing my brand. Yes, I know the word ‘brand’ is thrown around haphazardly a lot these days however, it’s true in this digital social exposure age where we have to be more aware about how we showcase ourselves to the world more than ever. Just as many stylists or HR reps would tell you “dress for the job you want” doesn’t stops at a good suit. It’s all about the whole packages.

The wardrobe may be the main course but your beard game and line up is the garnishment as well your physique is the fine China it’s being served on. So next time when you’re thinking about skipping the barber because the line too long, foregoing shave because you’re too busy or not going to the nail technician because it’s not your thing bookmark these images by photographer Mehdi Lacoste. In the latest edition of WAD France Lactose captures the grooming habits of men in “Wave Room” story featuring models Khari Oriogun, Pedro Lo, Jack Templeman and Jerome Brown. Styling is courtesy of Troy Fearn.

These images are here to keep you aware of your visual presence. Are you being consistent in cultivating your image?

Remember the gym is apart of the grooming process too.

Wave Room (2)

Wave Room (3)

Wave Room (4)


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