Thinspiration: F#@K Summer!

25 Jul

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (1)

A tacky farmer’s tan, two sweat drenched oxford shirts and hair that’s hotter than two fat chick’s breast money no matter many different ways I style it. I’m so f#@king over summer already! I’m just going to stay in the gym and be naked till October.

Out trying to take pictures for an upcoming style post in 107 temperatures, before I could even get the lighting right I was soaked in sweat as my clothes were practically sticking to me. Between that, my face over producing oil and bracelets shining too bright from the sun’s reflection I decided to scrap the whole thing and just get back in my A/C car. However, that was a mirage because with the mercury at peak not matter how high I had the air conditioner running I was still sweating.

Not to mention with all this running outdoors I have serious tan that went from golden to crips. Thank you Skinny-Jesus for the reassurance of some thinspiration solace during this terrible salt stained season. Photographer Gregory Prescott has basically captured how I should be dressing this summer… in a pair of CK’s & sand. With the images he shot of the like granite body of Silver Models Chris Lylez I now will be re evaluate my summer attire.

Who needs clothing when you have quads and obliques like these? I’m convinced the summer isn’t for clothing its for neoprene, lycra, dri-fit or whatever quick drying polyester garments on sale at the sporting goods store.

I use to hate coming home as a kid to my mom and dad laying around the house in their underwear, now I get it! I salivated over the recent ss/15 and a/w14 menswear collections just like you (I already have my fall/winter diet picked out) but all that can stay on the thinspiration board because right now I just want to be naked at room temperature.

Fashion is postponed till the weather drops to 70’s degrees. Until then gawk at Chris Lylez and do some crunches… stay away from the cheese & bread. You’re welcome.

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (2)

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (3)

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (4)

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (5)

Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott (6)


One Response to “Thinspiration: F#@K Summer!”

  1. Tracy July 26, 2014 at 10:40 am #

    I. Concur.

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