What’s Next In Thin?

16 Jul

I’m willing to try/test anything that’s cleverly worded, a gross super-food or body aching workout that would guarantee me a new body to fill out the attire I plan to don to show it off. However, just like any fad diet after some slim tall fit celeb has proclaimed to be the reason for their new body it’s on to what’s new.

As with fashion the same can be said for color-blocking. About the last three seasons it has been about primary colors, lines and color coordinating but during the menswear shows spring/summer 2015 the graphic is next up for vogue. Graphics (multimedia prints, screen printing, geometric and paint splattering and floral) have adorned the catwalks and sidewalks as it phase out the strategically multi-hued way of dress. It comes to no surprise that Ghana’s Adrien Sauvage joins the club.

Introducing foliage not to be confused with floral, this A. Saugave collection is adding a new print to the mix while going against the boxy relaxed tailoring that heavily garnered other designer’s collections. The botanical 1970’s inspired collection is just the garments needed to usher in the less dainty nature graphic.

What I relish in about this collection is the sample of 70’s infused unforgiving cut of the pants, the Shaft like trench jackets and overall mod aura exuding from these pieces. A very versatile rendering of looks from his previous moody shows that is sure to resonate with a wider audience of the young stylish men of today. Even the most fashionable (or non-fashionable) guy has to admire how Sauvage understands how snazzy young men are dressing today and to take that in a direction that isn’t as overtly urban or ostentatiously stuffy but more so tailor fit to today’s audience.

I am revved up by how cool and complete each look is. I don’t see anything that needs altering or restyling. This collection’s versatility is slick, street, and stylish while keeping its edge. The suit lapels are simple but very much a statement, the suits vary in flamboyancy to dapper and there are great everyday pieces such as, the bomber, short-sets and of course matching slip-on shoes.

It’s a relief/wonderful when a designer is designing for your current age, culture and aesthetic and it works.


2 Responses to “What’s Next In Thin?”

  1. Jarvis DuBois July 16, 2014 at 12:52 pm #

    great collection!

  2. monteirobrothers July 16, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    Reblogged this on LIVING OUR LIFE LIKE IT'S GOLDEN and commented:
    Toen we deze post zagen dachten we van DIT MOETEN WIJ GEWOON REPOSTEN, want zulke looks willen we graag op catwalks zien.

    Looks waarvan je denkt, hier valt niks meer aan te passen.

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