“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 8

16 Jul

What’s your thin? I ask this question to everyone that ask me for diet, exercise and weight-loss advice. Being thin or getting fit isn’t just about the number on the sale of the size of your jeans. It’s about the progress you’re making, the choices you make, the resulting you’re getting and the satisfaction you gain when you achieve those strides in your fit journey.

Your thin could be getting water instead of a drink with your meal, doing that extra set or saving money and calories by eating in. Right now my thin is garnering as much fitness information from guys whom physique and discipline I admire so much that I feel the need to share it with others making their travels through this thin lifestyle. This week’s “Junk Food Journals” entry 8 I’m featuring three staunch framed gentlemen that have opened up to share what it takes to define your thin. Thin isn’t just about loses but gains as well. These stout dudes divulge their weaknesses, strengths and aid in developing the outer amour you see in these awesome pics.

It’s ‘thinspiring’ that even the most gilded of bodies deal with the same issues as us trying to attain. Check their routines, eating habits and mantra that keeps their thin on track.

Chris Lylez  (1)
Chris Lylez  (2)
Chris Lylez  (1)

Chris Lylez, (IG: @chrislylez) originally from north Philadelphia moved to New York City almost 2yrs ago, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Never had a desire to model until being approached by a creative director 7yrs ago. Since then I have achieved multiple campaigns, music videos, runway shows and host events and print ads. I’ve recently released mixtape titled “Convers and Conversations”.

Workout Philosophy: You have to know that being happy and maintaining a good physical condition first starts with your mind and ability to discipline yourself to stay focused.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, (non-flavored) adding fresh fruit (blueberries, raspberries) along with some grapefruit (which is a good source of energy) and a smoothie.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich or wrap with mustard or olive oil, lettuce (spinach) and provolone cheese. With mixed nuts and a bottle of water or green tea.

Diner: Baked fish (salmon preferred,) steam vegetables (beans, peas, carrots) and brown rice, with water or green tea.

Cheat Day: Usually consumed with either New York style pizza or southern food such as macaroni and cheese, yams, mashed potatoes smothered in gravy with collard greens. Yea, my cheat days are like extreme but everyone deserves a little break from the everyday health steps to have a moment to enjoy yourself and life, as long as your cheat day doesn’t become a daily affair lol then you’re fine.

Diet Trick: For me its cardio, you can never go wrong with it and you exercise all of your body when doing it. I dance or jog 3-4 times per week for 30-45min.

Problem Area: My lower abs. Some people may disagree but it’s an area that I personally struggle with so I try to make sure I do some leg raises and cardio to target my lower abs.

Key to Discipline: Knowing the goal you want to achieve and reminding yourself everyday of why you want that goal.

Workout Routine: Currently I’m developing my body to be a bit more defined. I’m focusing on a really strict diet, cardio and training workouts that do not require weights of going to the gym, it’s my own personal “do it the natural way” motto about staying fit. Each workout consist of 30-45min of cardio followed by a variation of abs exercises with incline/decline push up positions for developing the chest, followed my squats and lunges for leg development.

Temarrio (1)

Temarrio (3)
I’m Temarrio aka Tyga. I reside in Atlanta, GA. but I like to travel all over the place. I work in film, tv, & media production. Give me a holla @ Facebook: Tyga Loso, Twitter: @TygaLoso & Instagram: @Tyga_Loso

Breakfast: Breakfast varies for me. My most consistent meal is oatmeal. Some days I’ll have egg whites (hard boiled or scrambled) & a Nestle carnation breakfast drink. Sometimes I sub everything out for a veggie & fruit Nutribullet drink.

Lunch: This also varies due to my work schedule. I try to stick with lean protein, chicken or fish, and a salad.

Dinner: Pretty much the same as lunch.

Cheat Day: On cheat day I try not to go all out. I mostly give Krispy Kreme all of my money on cheat day lol.

Diet Trick: Shhhh…I have fiber pills & CLA that helps keep my metabolism going and break down extra fats in my food to maintain a lean physique.

Problem Area: My belly/abs. It’s more so an internal thing. They aren’t ever satisfactory to me.

Key to Discipline: It’s mental. I set a goal and try to make sure I reach it. Plus I see other pretty fit individuals and ask then what I can incorporate into my routine.

Workout Routine:
5 Days a week.
Day 1: Legs.
Day 2: Chest & Shoulders.
Day 3: Back.
Day 4: Arms.
Day 5: Full circuit.
I do abs and cardio every other day. And full cardio and yoga on weekends. As far as my actual routines, I’ll just keep those on the hush lol.

Sharrodd Hart (1)

Sharrodd Hart (3)

My name is Sharrodd Hart (IG: @shart500) from Southwest Georgia in the city of Albany (a couple hours from Atlanta). I’m 34 years old & at 34; fitness has not only become a lifestyle but a passion. I’m a heath coach & distributor for the number one nutrition company Herbalife & I’m also a fitness trainer. I’m currently in the process of pursing my personal training certification to become a full-time certified personal training. I’ve worn many hats throughout the course of my life & have had many professions; however fitness has been a journey that has changed my life the most. I’m on this journey getting my own results & helping others get theirs. My fitness program, “Fitness First” hinges on the theme… Where Routine Creates Habit & Habit Creates Lifestyle! Contact me at shart500@yahoo.com or for Herbalife inquiries visit my site here.

Workout Philosophy: I work out for peace, I work out to be healthy, I work out to build discipline, I work out to challenge myself & most of all, I work out to look good (who doesn’t lol). Working out started as a chore that turned into a habit that created a purposeful & passionate lifestyle. I want others to know that heath is wealth & being fit is it! My philosophy is the results you want tomorrow will only come from the work you put in today.

Breakfast: A typical breakfast for me would be a few boiled eggs, a bowl of fruit, a protein meal bar & a protein shake.

Lunch: A typical lunch for me would be a chicken, baked potato, green vegetables, yogurt & a protein shake.

Dinner: A typical dinner for me would be chicken, steak, or grilled or baked fish, corn on the cob, rice, green vegetables & a protein shake.

Cheat Day: Believe it or not I cheat often, probably more than the average person. My goal is always to build more mass so I’m always boosting my calorie intake & eating as much as possible. But even in cheating, I make sure I go just as hard in the gym. My favorite cheat meal would probably be a large meat-lovers pizza, break sticks, hot wings & a tall glass of lemonade or sweet tea followed by a huge bowl of ice cream.

Diet Trick: I don’t have a diet trick, as I prefer not to use the word “diet”. I just make sure that my eating habits are decent & healthy choices on a regular basis that leads to a lifestyle of healthy eating. One of the key things to remember is pre-preparing your meals are very important in following through & making sure you stick to a consistent plan of eating regularly & healthy. Meal prepping is key!

Problem Area: My biggest problem area is being that I’m naturally thin & my metabolism is literally through the roof, building a significant amount of mass & size at a time can be challenging (Ectomorph problems lol). I have to work extra hard in the gym staying toned & cut to make up for the lack of mass that I desire. However, I’m still continuing daily to reach my goals. I’m always a work in progress! My target problem muscle group areas would have to be my chest & legs.

Key to Discipline: My key to discipline is simple; I daily look in the mirror & realize I have not yet reached the goal, which motivates me to keep pushing! The mirror never lies! I always keep constant motivation before me when I look at other slim guys who’ve conquered the skinny guy problem & worked hard to create the body they wanted. If one can achieve, that leads me to believe we all can, it just takes hard work & dedication.

Workout Routine: I usually workout 4 to 5 times a week both in the gym & at home. I incorporate strength training, light cardio, and most importantly incorporate a lot of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I want to stay toned, cut & defined & I make sure that I work hard to produce a strong core & increase strength. My favorite basic exercises are non-other that good ole fashion push-ups & pull-ups. You can never go wrong with those two!


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  1. Theodolph L. Mason July 16, 2014 at 11:24 am #

    Chris; phenomenal body!

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