Taste Coach: Antonio Guerrero

10 Jul

As much as I am a thin lifestyle savant I don’t have all the answers. Well, that’s a lie, I do! Let’s just say that the things I know I’ve learned and been ‘thinpsired’ by other brilliant male style crooners. The world of men’s wear/health is vast and some people may need or are looking for a bit of help to navigate through it. Like a life coach or fitness coach I try to be a medium that can helpfully answers style questions and motivate other men that is either looking for inspiration or don’t know where to start on their journey to cultivate their personal style.

This where I’ve decided to create “Taste Coach” A series of interviews that highlights men in fashion, fitness, nutrition, photography, art and grooming sharing their expertise with other guys. What is taste? It’s a very objective word without one definitive answer that basically can be anything depending on the person. So it’s only understandable that it becomes lost on many trying to create their best possible self. As I meet new men starting their own business or expanding their craft I want to introduce them to the others to pay if forward in the way they have done for me as to keeping me focus and advancing my own personal taste level.

First up is Antonio Guerrero, a handsome talented fashion designer I found on Facebook that is into DIY. I’m a crafter always recreating, refurbishing or just giving old favorite new life thus, I was in owe of Guerrero’s talent for do-it-yourself projects. After reading the interview I had with him check out his Instagram (thestylewarrior) and blog to see his stellar original creations and replicated high-end pieces made for fraction of the price. I’m for all things thin even a scaled down price tag.

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I’m Antonio Guerrero, 22 years old. I am a fashion design student from Dallas,Texas. I’ve always had a love for fashion so I finally decided to pursue it. I recently added blogger to my resume livingelvidabroka.com. I named it “Living The Broke Life” appropriately because being a college student I’m not able to purchase all of the designer looks and pieces I desire. So the next best thing is to make them myself. And I make it simple and easy for those not able to sew can follow along and do them. ‘You don’t have to be a stunt queen to stunt’ lol as I like to say.

1. What factors most influence your style?
A G- I’m really big on Trends. I think a lot of people associate being ‘trendy’ as a bad thing. I take the trends and manipulate them to match my personal style so I’m still in style also being true to my personal look.

2. Who is your style (th)inspiration?
A G- Kanye West? I take inspiration from everywhere tbh. I think Tumblr is an amazing place to grab inspiration from.

3. How did you get into DIY-ing?
A G- Never having the funds to go and get the designer looks and my desire to always be up to trend got me into it. My grandma is an amazing seamstress and she has played a huge deal in my talent and ability to recreate things for literally fractions of what they cost. And I think doing it with things you already have in your closet is what makes it fun too. Having a piece you’re not crazy about and transforming it to become your absolute fave is so gratifying to me.

4.which is better making your own or buying your own?
A G- Definitely making it. Putting in the work to achieve something is the best feeling when the end result comes out perfect. Literally best feeling is when I’m approached and asked where I got something I made and I can say ‘I made this’ and the look on their face is priceless. It is a confidence booster for sure. Maybe that’s just the designer in me though *shrugs and coyly smiles*.

5. Three words to describe your style?
A G- Easy, Leather, and Cool. If you know me you know why I put leather?
Antonio Guerrero (1)
6. Where do you get reference from to create?
A G- Tumblr is a huge one for me. I also take a lot of reference from designers. Saint Laurent and their 50’s rocker boy chic look with distressed denims, Chelsea boots and leather jackets is pure perfection. Virgil Abloh, Kanye West’s creative director is another big influence for me. He’s always very inventive and it makes for great inspiration.

7. Most savored thing you’ve created?
A G- Probably my Jill Sanders leather lunch bag tote. I use it the most.

8. Most distasteful thing you’ve created?
A G- This horrid high-low plaid jacket thing (bows head and grin in horror) it will never see the day of light from my closet.
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9. What does taste mean to you?
A G- To me it’s a personal question. Everyone has their own definition of taste. Some people find the way I dress taste-less because I dress ‘different’ and I don’t conform but it’s all about just being true to who you are. If you’re doing that then you have good taste in my book. Unless you wear suspenders with a belt than I have to draw the line *giggles*.

10. Two summer essentials?
A G- A summer sandal. Preferably a gladiator type sandal that you can wear to the beach and on a night out.
A G- A really good face wash. Here in Texas it gets so hot and gross. You def need something to cleanse your face keeping it fresh and free of acne.
Antonio Guerrero (3)
11. One style tip?
A G- I know it’s so cliche but BE YOU!!

12. Fashion faux pas that guys do?
A G- When you’re doing to much with your look. Keep it simple and cool. Nothing hotter than a guy in a oversize white tee, and black distressed denim. When it looks like you are trying too hard and not being yourself; it’s mad obvious you’re uncomfortable. Guys in overly feminine clothes. I’m all about unisex and I’m guilty of shopping in women’s section majority of the time but sometimes you should just leave it to the girls. Overly short tight sleeve tops drive me crazy. I’m going to say this and leave it at this statement ‘Labels and money don’t make style.’ I’m all for thrift store shopping but the whole ‘vintage look’ is pretty much gone and past.

13. Awesome style choices you like to see guys in?
A G- A guy with his own unique style. Here in Dallas it can get real soulful and I stick out like a soar thumb majority of the time. To see other guys that don’t care what others think and just do them is really cool to see.


7 Responses to “Taste Coach: Antonio Guerrero”

  1. attireclub July 11, 2014 at 1:48 am #

    It was so interesting when he said that tumblr is an inspiration! The web has truly become a huge source of information!

    • BougieHippie July 11, 2014 at 7:58 am #

      It does, now you don’t even have to hop a plane to fashion week, it’s live streamed on you computer.

      • attireclub July 11, 2014 at 8:53 am #

        That’s right, and it’s fantastic that everything after that is so easily and quickly accessible!

  2. Manu July 11, 2014 at 5:36 am #

    Thank you! Your blog keeps improving!

  3. Askia July 12, 2014 at 6:24 pm #

    Such a great interview when I was starting out as a stylist I was just like him creating my own DIY piece’s or just creating something but definitely keep this up. we need more men in fashion voice good and reasonable opinions ..


    • BougieHippie July 12, 2014 at 10:21 pm #

      Glad you identify with him, he’s a brilliant guy. Who knows you may be next.

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