9 Jul

dsquared2 ss15 (36)

There aren’t many things I love in this world except my size 30 Morrison denim that reminds of that time I got so skinny people was worried about my psychological well being, jogging and of course anything Dsquared2 send down the runway. I’ve stated post after post that Dean and Dan Caten knows how to put on a show.

From the glaring sometimes whimsical sets to the casting of the firm slim gorgeous model and indubitably the note-perfect garments these twins know how to entice and sell menswear. Their latest collection during Milan fashion week spring/summer 2015 didn’t miss a beat of the kitschy school boy charm that we have come to expect and love from the brand.

After going a bit militant last fall and lagoon-ish this spring it’s nice and kind of redundant for them to go back to their school concepts from previous seasons. Honestly, there is nothing new about this collection that separates this collection from others. All the Dsquared2 essential are here; baggy cropped denim, pizzazzed denim jackets, killer bags, and short shorts. What I do love about this collection is how loud, kitschy and adorable this collection is with the kitten prints, fluorescent camo and pin buttons yet, it keeps its bad boy cool all the while. Imagine if you could go back to high school and take a piece from every guy and make your own. The geek, the tough guy, the guy from the glee club and the party boy then just smother it in sex. The tailoring and structures of this collection is boxy but streamline and if it wasn’t for the color, pins and print it would be consider minimalist which what makes it great. The added accoutrements give the pieces personality, another thing Dsquared2 is brilliant at. They can regenerate the same collection for the same guy but for another facet of his style.

This collection is awesome entirely because what a genuine designer and muse (consumer) is suppose to do is evolve without losing the true essence of one’s self. This guy wearing these clothes obviously is a gym loving extrovert but he’s also a bit rough around the edges as he enters the world of casual chic. Things I want from this collection are the sandals & platform Chuck Taylors.


2 Responses to “Sustaining.”

  1. Jarvis DuBois July 10, 2014 at 8:02 am #

    hmm there are a few pieces I want! great trousers, crisp white shirts, bags and sandals. another great collection from the twins! appreciate too how often they use black models. kudos to them.

    • BougieHippie July 10, 2014 at 8:05 am #

      That is why these two are my style icons, they know beauty comes in all colors and they show it every season, they understand that the Dsquared2 guy isn’t just Caucasian.

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