“Junk Food Journals”: Entry 7

8 Jul

Fitness/thin/muscles or whatever it is that you are seeking physically through diet and exercise is a lifestyle. It may seem as that statement is becoming cliché but as you check out the limber taut bodied men of “Junk Food Journals” entry 7 you’ll read that these men incorporate eating well and staying active into their everyday life. Don’t believe me, check their Instagrams where you can see just how these lean men lead fit lives from staying in gym, trying different types of workout programs to entering races, classes, even strategically picking more active summer vacations. Obtaining the body of your dreams doesn’t stop at the gym doors, it’s in the choices you make from food, friends, events to time management. To transform your body you must transform your habits. Stay the course to build your dedication like you build your chest, abs and glutes.

Garrett H.T Steagall  (1)

Garrett H.T Steagall  (2)

Garrett H.T Steagall  (3)
My name is Garrett H.T Steagall (IG: @gstegs). I am 21 years old, currently obtaining a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts dance with a concentration in modern and a minor in business management at Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA. I am professional a dancer, choreographer, teacher, percussionist and Martial Arts practitioner. I work out seven days a week.

Workout Philosophy: Think like a champion, train like a champion. Championship mindset! How bad do you want it? Don’t start counting the reps until it burns. Dig deeper and DO IT FOR YOU!
1. Commitment
2. Discipline
3. Consistency
4. Faith
5. Heart

Breakfast: 75% of my diet contains organic whole wheat, whole grain, gluten free, and GMO free foods. I start with frosted maple brown sugar wheat cereal then, a sausage and egg sandwich, followed by a protein shake with bananas, strawberries, blueberries and peaches.

Lunch: Subway cold cut combo with all vegetables, kale chips & a fruit smoothie.

Dinner: Dinner varies. Most days I’ll have some type of salad with two-baked chicken breast and one avocado.

Cheat Day: I rarely cheat, but when I do, I go in! I love chocolate, Kit Kats and Reese’s cups.

Diet Trick: No diet tricks. Do it the right way, put in hard work and earn the results, which builds integrity.

Problem Area: Keeping the muscle lean, less bulk.

Key to Discipline: It all starts with you. Being able to give 100% every time despite who’s watching.

Workout Routine: I always begin with a 30min to 1hr cardio. I alternate between the treadmill, elliptical, Jacob’s ladder and swimming. Sometimes I double up. Next I continue with a 25 min stretch to lengthen the muscle followed by my own 1hr Pilate’s/Gyrotonics/Tai Chi/ Yoga series with free weights to maintain high flexibility, strength, and most importantly, to stabilize and stimulate the entire abdominal cavity. After that, I do more advanced core workouts with the TRX suspension training. Then I finish with a deep full body cool down stretch in the steam room and sauna. I work on my core Monday through Sunday.
Richard Bowen (1)

Richard Bowen (2)

Richard Bowen (3)
I’m Richard Bowen (Instagram: @richard_rhucasey81) a fitness fanatic, well more like a fitness nerd. I train not to look good, but to be able to do what I love, to compete in sports at a high level, and be a better athlete and person in general. The aesthetics are just a fringe benefit.

Workout Philosophy: BE who you want to be, DO what you love to do, and you will HAVE the body that you aspire to have.

Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with sausage, tomatoes, red onions, spinach, cheddar cheese topped with salsa. Berry fruit salad (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries) and a tall glass of OJ.

Lunch: Chipotle chicken burrito bowl (no beans, no rice), extra chicken!

Dinner: Hawaiian rib-eye Steak, braised red cabbage, spinach salad

Cheat Day: Starbucks, tall soy extra whip cream cafe mocha.

Diet Trick: I eat clean (to be specific I follow the Paleo Diet) 80% of the time….Sunday-Thursday when I do most of my training. Then I give myself permission on Friday and Saturday to eat whatever I want. It helps keep my diet more sustainable and my sanity.

Problem Area: I don’t really have a problem area as far as my body. I always tell people before you start your physical transformation, you must first be able to look in the mirror and accept everything about yourself, flaws and all. I do however; wish I was strong and able to lift heavier weights easier.

Key to Discipline: Find something, whatever it is, that you love and JUST DO IT. If you truly love it, you will find yourself pouring in time and effort into it, even when you might not feel as motivated. Then all of a sudden you will find that your body will start to transform to what you love to do. If you run, you start looking like a runner, if you do yoga, you start looking like a yogi etc.

Workout Routine: In the same vein as above, I love a lot of different things, so as a result I do a lot of things to stay in shape. For the most part my workout routine is a combination of crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, yoga and playing volleyball.
Ryan Brah (1)

Ryan Brah (1)

Ryan Brah (2)
Hello, I’m Ryan Brah (IG: @ninetales) a southern business guy who developed a passion for fitness while attending grad school. Inspired to move to a bigger city soon to expand my career opportunities and goals. Fitness is my lifestyle and I admire others who are committed to it.

Workout Philosophy: Keep pushing yourself until you can no more.

Breakfast: Eggs + protein shake.

Lunch: Chicken breast + veggie.

Dinner: Fish + veggie.

Cheat Day: Chinese.

Diet Trick: Eat clean but do cardio.

Problem Area: Chest is small and laggy.

Key to Discipline: Look at everybody else body and compare yours.

Workout Routine: 6x a week for hour and thirty minutes.


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  1. Manu July 8, 2014 at 10:50 am #

    Did I tell you that I absolutely love your “Junk Food Journals”? You already had a great blog and you were capable to improve it. You are GREAT!

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