Thinspiration: “It’s Been a While”

7 Jul

It's Been a While (1)

Dear Skinny-Jesus,

Why is it so hot; all I want to do it buy pretty clothes, rarely eat and dress up in purchased pretty clothes. Could you please cut the crap, the’re only so many variations I can wear running tights and tanks.


Getting ready for church yesterday as I was rummaging through my closet I realized I have a lot of stylish clothing with tags still on them that I will never get a chance to wear because it’s too hot. The worst thing about summer is that you spend half the season in the gym to shop for clothing you will never put on. I promised myself that this year would be different no matter how hot its gets I will dress up and not purchase any more tanks or dri-fit. Cut to me after church at Dick’s Sporting Goods buying running shorts to change out of my slacks while I finished my Sunday adventures.

Whenever I get into a fashion slump I always turn to my Thinspiration posts or Glup feeds to get me in the mood to put on something else other than lycra & polyester. How befitting was it to click on June’s issue of D’SCENE magazine this morning and see fashion spread “It’s Been a While” starring the clean-cut slender model Jourdan Copeland.

In this editorial shot by Clara Copley captures and styled by fashion editor Christopher Maul gave me a jolt of sartorial energy I needed to venture out of the activewear section of my closet. Last spring/summer I was all excited about the menswear collections but forgot all about them as the temperature spiked. Dress me excited when I noticed these elegant pieces from this season’s collection all British labels captured in the city of London. From Burberry Prorsum, Hardy Amies, Adrien Sauvage, Samoe & Samoe, Carlo Pazolini, Mipac, Thomas Pink, William Palmer, Horiyoshi The Third to DODD, Soulland, Sean McGirr, Tourne de Transimisson, Scotch & Soda, and Baartmans & Siegel among other.

Even though American weather isn’t as forgiving to don a camel coat or cashmere turtleneck not matter how soft, light and regal it may be. There are some simple sleek looks that excites me to catch some sales this weekend. I forget how pared down and easy summer attire is, and designers have taken that into care when picking textiles for their garments with mesh shirt, sleeveless suit and crop pants. There are ways to look hot in the heat without being hot.

It's Been a While (2)

It's Been a While (3)

It's Been a While (4)

It's Been a While (5)

It's Been a While (6)

It's Been a While (7)

It's Been a While (8)

It's Been a While (9)

It's Been a While (10)

It's Been a While (11)


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