Family Recipe 2.0

7 Jul

Joseph ss15 (2)

When you think of “millenium” fashions or any aesthetic descriptive of the last decade it’s pretty much a melting pot or rehash elements of past predominate decades. Think about it, the big trends from the runway to the hallway are taken from 90’s grunge and hip-hop, suiting/tailoring is mirrored of the 50’s & 60’s and color scheme/imagery from the 70’s and 80’s. Nothing about the current state of fashion has its definitive characteristics.

This isn’t a bad thing because with the influences of past periods it has given designers a chance to fix the faux pas of the past for the better. The only way to describe this fashion age is “nouveaux eclective” where everything is about the luxe appeal of popular garments. There is a lane for all style of dressers but with a gloss to it from relaxed to structured. Case in point: Jospeh’s SS15 London collection.

If you ever need a reference to what the distinctness of this generation may be then this collection is it. Fashion today is all about the branding and making a lifestyle. Consumers are borrowing from all aesthetics to create one look explanatory of their personality, career and attitude. That is why I think Joseph is that collection that is indicative of today’s fashion.

I consider this collection a time capsule. Everything embodying the in progress age of fashion is represented; leather shirts, cropped slacks, matching tops & bottoms, baseball jerseys, floral bomber and pants and graphic layering. Joseph has urban appeal, ornate textiles, dressy tailoring and a hipster easiness all the while being a clean minimalist presentation.

It’s beyond great when a simple hassle free fashion line can be expressive of it’s time. Joseph is going through rebranding of it’s own which is why it makes sense that this collection is a superb rendition of old favorites.


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