Skinny Fashion Connoisseur: Paris Fashion Week.

1 Jul

Writes on thinspiration board: Get back to my birth weight, try to live till Spring 2015 in order to enjoy these sublime creations from Paris Menswear Fashion week spring/summer 2015. The Parisian won this season of shows with romance, travel and art influenced menswear. London is known for its cool modern street take on fashion, Milan for its luxe and tailoring however, the Parisians took their sexy apaeal, boundless gender garments and met it with a contemporary advance and premium finishing. Next season will be clean, relaxed and subtle in hue no matter if you’re a stickler for fit or just a textile snob. Even those who don’t consider themself fashion enthusiasts you will be represented. The next time someone ask me to describe my style I will simply reply “it’s kind of Paris spring/summer 2015.” Here’s my introspective to the collections that caught my eye and shut down my will to eat.


Carven is showing buyers and wearers that next year’s fashion isn’t going to take it self too serious all the while delivering premium goods. This blend of crisp textiles and sharp colors are ideal for the current state of the runway and designers alike new found affection for activewear in men’s sportswear. Where the sportswear aspect of the collection is more business casual with the color-blocking and voluminous linear sleeves; the activewear is shown in the easiness of the ribbed cuffed trousers and slim cut dri-fit like shirts. You know a collection is glorious when you’re looking in your closet now to see if you can replicate the looks this season.


Kolor showed a enthusiastic active urbane collection. A untialltian path to today’s young fashion cruners. Every type of guy is getting into fashion and it’s nice to see that there is a sportswear collection for the active meets collegiate dresser. A well curate show that is on trend as it creates it’s own lane for a scaled down avant garde collection.


Last season Kim Jones took us to South America, season before that Tokyo and remember Paris. So a new exiotic fashion fantastic destinination is only befitting for the spring/summer 2015 Louis Vuitton collection. Next stop… Jaipur, India (the pink city) was the destination for this 1950’s-esque flight inspired collection. I am fawning over the lines, the precision like tailoring and of the boxy colorful garments that can only be described as great versatile sportswear. My favorite looks are the skydiver jumpsuit. The bags are rivaling women’s leather goods.


Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino is another luxury brand that has put the slim fit tailoring on the back burner for a more unbothered appeal. Albeit this collection is just a rehash of the last two collections just in a new color palette from the return of camo print, flip flops and floral. This season brought on a new style of tailoring and DENIM! I’m convinced that designer denim is making a comeback. I always adore the Italiano school boy charm that Valentino exhibits in their collection. With this more relaxed urban appeal this is another brand who is redirecting their attention to a new fresh crowed of menswear connoisseurs


From classic art work of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” to the modern streets of today Andrea Crews collection is fine art meets the not so sophisticated streets. Active wear is IT for next season and if you are looking to stand out and not leave your current fit of choice behind, then this collection is for you. I love the gilt-edge of these garments tailored with a 90’s motif. The oversized silk shirts are graphic masterpieces, each piece stands on it own and can be worn as edgy, shabby chic or modern breeze. I appreciate how the collection is speaking to current trends all the while adds more to the genre.


Dries Van Noten collection is simply- poetic. The ballet flats, the sleek yet tatter finish of the tops and the rhythmic flow of the pants are wonderful. When I first saw this collection is felt like it was a sweet hymn of the previous collection. Pajama inspired this is another collection that may be forgiving in the cut but still urging discipline at the table & gym. Luxury scaled down that is hauntly vintage and androgynous.


Lim and Humberto Leon of Kenzo has managed to ditch the darkness-esque of their normal aesthetic for a cheerier bright look and keep their fashion forward strong structure. It’s obviously that these two know how to pick/create a print or graphic which, is not a surprise that this collection was going to prints. What is amazing about this collection is that it instantly makes me happy when viewing it. Set against a rainy Parisian afternoon I get to dine on a plethora of excellent coats, invigorating colors and stunning shapes. This color/fabric-blocked sweater is worth starving to death for.


With cannabis leaves, dip-dye and fringe Paul Smith‘s collection is clearly an ode to the pot heads that are into luxe clothings. The billowy fit are accompanied with an array of fabulous supreme fabrics that are laid back and eye catching. This a very calm collection without being to literally for the stoners. It’s as if the 60’s baseheads were styled by the baseheads of today. Always finding a way to be cheeky and fashionable simultaneously. I’ve come to love the cheeriness of this collection and it primo textiles.


Thom Browne is an American couturier. His approach to fashion is business minded clothing, architecture structure tailoring and graphic novel whimsical. He has a way with fabric that not only challenge your idea of the business suit but taste level. Though, these items may seem over-the-top just pay attention to the pants, I totally want these pants to either don with a simple tee or solid blazer. This is art at it’s best, Browne deserves all the accolades he is receiving this year. Are you taking in those shoes? An exact rendering of the futuristic dandy.


Less is more but in Wooyoungmi‘s case more is less. The oversized pants and jacket are just the right deuce with the featherweight tops. I am enthralled with how preppy this collection is rooted however, remaining completely eatherial in fabric choice and cut. The cuts of the clothing may be a bit forgoing but all the sheer is a constant reminder of no slacking off at the gym. This is a harmonious collection between Youngmi and his daughter.


Yohji Yamamoto is the king of athletic couture, his Y-3 collection is proof of that as you take in all the other Parisian designers this spring. The have obviously been inspired by his draping, innovative textile paring and daring sometimes overbearing silhouettes. This season the collection is a bit more paired down with basic hues with the addition of hibiscus floral prints and a little green here and there (I think lime green and black will be big this fall/winter). I like the fluidity of the garments that is slightly idealistic/amorous yet easy going without losing it’s urban wearability. I like the buoyant direction this collection has went in this season.


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