Shoes or Food or Both?

23 Jun

It’s Monday and I’ve crapped this day away. I’m sure by bedtime I’m going to be crying myself to sleep wondering what I am doing with my life.

Life is like a box of chocolates; you may be fat now but at least you’ve got some stellar shoes.

If it’s one thing I don’t skimp on is my footwear. I may fight with my shirt, belt and pants size daily but my feet aren’t getting any bigger and that’s quite refreshing in this thin lifestyle.

Shoe’s have become the ultimate must have for any age group, sex and personal aesthetic. Especially in menswear, shoes are always plentiful and sometimes more coveted than women’s footwear.

With guys standing in lines for days, dedicating an entire paycheck for one pair of shoes and major male celebrities getting new shoe deals for major brands, shoes are not only fashion but big business. Not to mention the pieces of art trampling down the runway in helping collections come to life seasons after seasons.

With me being the svelte ponzi scheme artist I am, I’m always looking to make a buck I can’t believe I haven’t thought to find a way to make money off this seemingly new phenomenal. Over the last past two years I have worked with and meet young men who are getting into the shoes business. Howbeit opening a sneaker store or creating/designing their own shoe but after a genius 10th-grader at Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem Chase “Sneakers” Reed had the great idea that just may revolutionize shoe commerce I now have a idea for a whole fashion scheme. A shoe pawn shop!

Just think, with diamonds, furs, and even women’s bags being rather investment pieces for their resale value amongst the many standards (electronics, heirlooms and fine art) one can only kick him/herself in the head for not seeing this brilliant venture arise.
Reed, 16-year-old seizes this trend after standing in line for his latest pair of Jordan’s and then asking his dad (business partner) for $50 a day later. “I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ I’m holding these sneakers until I get my $50 back,” said Troy Reed (Sneakers’ Dad). This sparked an idea and business plan for Chase by using his own stock of 45 mint-condition basketball shoes valued at $30,00 to open the world’s first sneaker pawn shop.

In a recent post I read on author Michael Gartland interview Chase, Troy and pal Rahsaan “Uncle Bless” Capers about how they got into the business of shoe pawn.

Like, seriously why I didn’t think of this with all the money I spend on shoes and waste when I give them away from not wearing them frequently. This type of business just may revolutionize the shoe store. Where people without cars tittles or jewelry now have something to barter and trade with to get things the need or want that wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford.

In the article Chase mentioned how they take men & women’s sneakers as well as, how he noticed to open a market for this from noticing at how people would purchase shoes for $150 -$250 and resale them new or worn for upwards of $17,000 on eBay. What I like about and am inspired by is this young man’s intuitiveness to see a market and create a supply and demand that was already going on. He knew people; ‘young people’ in particular are so easily bored and at the same covet things. With this shop kids are given buying power by having the ability to pawn things that their age bracket would have of value and then buy more.

Normally they take shoes that are no longer being manufactured or high-end and along with repaying the loan they only charge a %20 restocking fee and if they end up selling the shoe they’ll make a %80 profit with the owner making 20%. Though, there are many kinky to work out I am in awe of the ingenuity of Chase; young men importantly in the world of business and fashion. This young dude has ‘thinspired’ me on this dreaded Monday to take stock in myself and get out and create a space for myself in this market of fashion I love so much.

Fashion is a billion dollar industry that has a plethora of avenues that are plentiful and lucrative. Reading about Chase and his dad shows that all you have to do is see a route and take it. Hope this story inspires others as much as it did me.


One Response to “Shoes or Food or Both?”

  1. stylentonic June 24, 2014 at 2:07 am #

    Really inspiring!

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