Taste Test: “Try Me” Kit.

4 Jun


While at the park today attempting to complete book number 4 of the 6 books I pledged to read by the end of the year, I was stopped on 3 occasions about my skin. Now usually it’s women dishing out compliments of my supple, smooth and sometimes stable complexion (hey, I work hard to manage this epidermis so I can brag all I want). Albeit, today it was guys over ladies, two at the park and one at the store where I was buying a bottle of water. The ‘aha!’ moment was that it was less about my washing regime yet all about my shave regime.

What is awesome about this, not the compliments but it just so happens that yesterday I started to test out a new product I received from Grooming Lounge. The Grooming Lounge is an on online shop that sells a variety of brands of the latest premiere products for men’s grooming from shaving, skincare to haircare and bodycare. Even other things a well presented guy may need like grooming tools (nose trimmers, soaps, toothbrush sanitizers and more). If you are guy all about the experience you can try their brick and mortier barbershops & men’s Spa locations (in D.C. and Northern Virginia).

Along with the many different brands and products that Grooming Lounge carries a variety of products that feature the Grooming Lounge crest and name. Such as, the products I’m currently using Grooming Lounge “The Greatest Shave Ever” Try Me Kit that’s priced at $29.

Originally I was going to wait a week to finishing testing the products before giving my review but with the great response I’m here now!
Grooming Lounge Kit
The “Try Me” Kit comes in a zip pouch that includes 4 products:
• Mug Cleaner Face Wash (2 oz.)
• Beard Master Shave Oil (1 oz.)
• Beard Destroyer Shave Cream (2 oz.)
• Best For Last Aftershave (2 oz.)

I ordinarily do NOT use razors on my face however, in testing these products I risked my mug for my not so fresh faced readers; kind I know. First, I started with the Mug Cleaner Face Wash, it’s a thick oil-like liquid that foams up rather well, it gives a cleanse that’s not too abrasive leaving your skin dry nor too soft as if you never washed your face at all. It’s not to fight acne, more so a primer for your shave to softer the hairs and weed out ingrowns. Remember: dry face dry hands. I didn’t use water to create a lather just to rinse, you’ll see why next.

Second, I use the Beard Master Shave Oil, similar to many warming face washes I’ve used before. This is actually use to shave with over classic shave cream, gel or foam. As I applied the recommended 3-4 drops to my hand and spread it over my still damp warm beard I felt the warming agent activate on site. This is great because the same reason why your dad or barber place a piping hot towel on your face before a shave is to soften and weaken the hairs, now its combine with your shaving agent. You don’t lose the razor momentum as it glides very silk-like over your beard that you wouldn’t get with a foam as it would cool your face after you’ve spent all that time warming it. Online it’s recommended to mix the shave oil and cream together.

Third, I mixed the shave oil with the Beard Destroyer Shave Cream to get a closer shave around my mustache/goatee. I was pleasantly surprised how creamy the shave cream was. The consistency pairs very well with that of the shave oil and now I get the warming I need to keep my hairs at attention but the smoothness I want for a non-abrasive or irritating shave. As recommended I shaved with grain.

Fourth, I ended my shave with the Best For Last Aftershave. Personally I use a aftershave gel although, after using this I’ve since discarded it. This aftershave doesn’t burn or inflame my skin (though I do believe if it’s burning it working) and I haven’t got any pimples usually associated with a bad aftershave liquid, balm or gel. This post-shave balm is very understated, there’s no overbearing smell and it actually soothes.

Even though I got a few compliments on my shave I must admit with all these great and very effective products I got the same close shave I would with a new razor. Nevertheless, I am in love with the Beard Master Shave Oil & Best For Last Aftershave. I will be purchasing larger bottles separately.

Being greatly satisfied with my shave and the fact that I believe every guy deserves to be thin with a clean shave I’m doing a giveaway of “The Greatest Shave Ever” Try Me Kit to one lucky reader. Just comment on this post with your email address, retweet it on twitter and mention myself and the Grooming Lounge. A winner will be announced on Monday’s post.


5 Responses to “Taste Test: “Try Me” Kit.”

  1. Donovan June 4, 2014 at 8:41 pm #

    Pick me please!

  2. Brian R June 9, 2014 at 4:44 pm #

    NO! Pick me!!!!

    Brian R.


  3. Jermel Brown June 9, 2014 at 4:46 pm #

    I need something different to combat these razor bumps.


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