Thinspsiration: “From Cobalt to Teal…”

3 Jun


Have you ever wanted a garment (shirt, shoes, SUIT, bag or coat) so bad but waited so long as you talked yourself out of it for it to be non existent when you work up the courage to enter your card number? Well, that’s been me this entire half of the year. I made the silly decision to put myself on a strict budget at the start of the year in efforts to save up for my big move the second half of the year. Unlike my failed attempt to give up cheese and low carb Monster energy drinks this seems to be the only resolution I’ve maintained. Thus far I’ve only bought two pairs of sneakers and a discounted oxford from Target. Go figure.

Though, my account is look pretty obese my closet is losing the battle against attire-anorexia. Just like the person next in line at Chipotle I’m having a hard time not ordering everything I see from my favorite retailers. For instance, last year I blogged and raved about the “graphic or colored suit” however, did I purchase one, nope. Now that I’ve decided to reward myself for not spending money by spending money I can’t find a printed suit to save my life! Although, every store I enter or online retailer I visit there’s a new trend of suits in absence of the one I want the most in the hue of blue.

Going through the May issue of Details magazine before I throw it out I began drooling over this spread titled “From Cobalt to Teal…” shot by Benny Kidd and styled by Benjamin Sturgill. Starring none other than gaunt, dapper, even-skinned model now shoe designer Armando Cabral. Be thinpsired by the harmonious, faithful, and confident color from designer such as Ferragamo, Canali, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Prada and Z Zenga.

What I am in awe of from this spread, not the obvious slender statue of Cabral but the new take on a classic navy suit. I was so anxious to find a green, pink or psychedelic printed suit that the color blue didn’t cross my mind. The best thing about the hue blue is that you can find it in different tones that will be bright or subtle enough for any season and will look great on most complexions. Lucky for Armando his beautiful skin looks exceptional in any hue of the calm colour. Cut to me now on the search for a blue suit. I imagine myself styling my new suit either with a linen crew neck knit or a plaid oxford to make it befitting of the summer aura.









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