Active Waist = Fresh Face

20 May

Bloody Good Skin

All of those wind hurling rides at yesterday’s carnival really got my adrenaline and blood circulation giving me a bright ecstatic complexion today. As I was getting the most of unlimited ride wristband I had a few people compliment me on my skin. Though, a bit of it can be attributed to my fresh extremely tight twists, it’s mostly the result of the all the blood rushing activity of the day. This got me to thinking about preserving my glow throughout summer.

No matter how many different or expensive tonics, crèmes or washes you use for blotchy, dull or overall less than desirable skin if you’re not making sure you have proper blood flow circulation then you will forever remain harsh faced.

The weather has changed and so should your skin regime. Just as your workout regime and diet, when your body get’s use to something it will begin to plateau not only that, we tend to forget how important exercise is to glowing skin.

Along with a consistent routine of exfoliating, toning and moisturizing I’m making sure that blood circulation is a part of creating and maintaining my healthy radiant skin this summer. I know some guys don’t equate working out with great skin but you should.

Paring a well balanced diet, quality skincare products and increasing your regular physical activity by adding vigorous exercises to your routine may be one of the best things you can do for your skin.

The skin is not like the rest of your body where overfeeding it is a bad thing. The more often the blood circulates the better. Think of it like this, during a serious workout the heart pumps faster to increase the blood circulation to your muscles to give the necessary nutrients needed for added support to do what’s demanded of them during exercise. After your workout your muscles continue to be repaired and nourished in order to renew themselves. Now, as your muscles are getting more nourishment when blood circulation is increased, so is your skin. The more often the blood circulates the more nourishment ridding your skin of dead cells and other impurities.

Remember, when your face turns red during a workout that’s a good thing. As the blood reaches into the skin’s small capillaries the circulation creates an even refreshed glow.

Poor blood circulation can be reason behind a pallid or ashy complexion, skin pigmentation, acne, wrinkle formation and slow scar healing.
I work hard for my even completion. Coming from a place a beyond horrible skin I know that this isn’t a piece of cake. Exercising goes beyond a fit physique but getting my blood pumping efficiently and regularly I now have vibrant smooth skin to match my slim waist. Increase your blood flow decrease your ugliness. Here’s how…

Exercise duh!
It’s not rocket science that exercise is a sure way to increase blood circulation. In fact, as soon as you start exercising, you’ll notice that your complexion might start looking rosier because of the increased blood circulation that shows up on the surface. Add an extra 30 minutes to your 5 day a week workouts. Jogging, swimming even yoga all require you to use your whole body prompting more blood flow. A headstand for 18 – 20 breaths will literally improve blood circulation to your face. According to Yoga Journal, this “reverse gravity” is believed to improve circulation, respiration, elimination, and increase concentration and mental clarity. Stay active!

Don’t be a greedy pig hog!
Maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamin B, C, D and E (oranges, sweet potatoes, leafy greens) however, if you find that you are not getting sufficient sources from your food, try taking a vitamin supplement if you find it too hard to pass the cake stand. But do consider when your body can’t properly process artificial foods it pushes it out through your skin. Eat clean!

Rub one out!
No, not that! Well that will get the blood pumping so yea, like that. Also, due to the physical manipulation of soft tissue the chemicals released during relaxation responses increases the circulation of blood. Activities such as, a facial massage and facial exercises will promote blood and lymph circulation by enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells. Smile often!


2 Responses to “Active Waist = Fresh Face”

  1. Simply Chic May 22, 2014 at 10:04 am #

    such an informative post! you really know your stuff and your skin does look great. you’re my skinspiration 🙂

  2. msmimincnyc May 25, 2014 at 1:01 pm #

    Reblogged this on Circus of Face.

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