Thinspiration: “Big Pimpin’ “

5 May

I hardly ever wear or be photographed in white from fear of resembling a water retention fat cloud! However, as I was getting dress for church yesterday looking for something to wear in 100 degree weather that was light in color and fabric yet, stylish/appropriate for church I had a strong urge to want to wear white. Upon the occasional dress shirts and two graphic tees I really have no white garments.

Not to mention I keep scrolling over fabulous menswear fashion spreads of lithe gentlemen styled in the crisp cool colour. The problem with white is the constant policing of any (human/food) contact in risk of getting your clean garment dirty, washing it and it turn beige after a few wears also, out right not being thin/fit enough to look gaunt in the agile achromatic. I’ve decided to go on a cleanse to prepare donning the clean non color.

As many of you good svelte readers may know fall/winter skinny is different from spring/summer skinny. In the fall/winter the key to being thin is to just not eat to look great in your clothes; in the summer you actually have to workout to look great naked- in your clothes. The clothes during spring/summer are light in fabric, cut and color everything is short, transparante and not for the misshapen.

Between the rising temperature and this editorial in Interview magazine titled “Big Pimpin'” I’ve been ‘thinspired’ to start a new cleanse and workout regime to be draped in the milky neutral this season.

I just hope my face and waist looks as duey fresh and supple as models Daje Barbour and Zach Zimmerman in white. Photographer Gregory Harris did a brilliant job of capturing the duality of how white can transition with ease through high fashion and industrial settings. With help of stylist Elin Svahn he showed what I’m calling the color of the moment can be the main attraction or a great complement color when paired with other subtle colors. Even more, the way to defuse looking oversized in white you can either buy it oversized or style it with other hues to specific parts of your body that are flattering.







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