Doggy Bag.

29 Apr

Long gone are the days of man-bag dilemma, between my camera, tablet, laptop, gym clothes, ever changing and whatever crap I may need to make it through the day I’m convinced that technology isn’t making our lives as simple as we think. Every day before I schlep out my front door I pack away all these things as if I’m preparing for no return. How can trotting around the city like a vagabond be a bit more chic? I know I love me a good bag, while procrastinating on one of my many devices revisiting spring/summer 2014 menswear runway shows I came across some really awesome men’s bags this season.

Bags for men may still be a bit taboo but if you’re tired of carrying around a JanSport between the office, school and gym check out my awesome finds.Whether you carry a bag over your shoulder, in your hand or in the crook of your arm, it’s essential that it be the right kind. Pack all your crap into a shopper, satchel or tote that’s cool sleek and befitting of your personal style. Most importantly its all about finding the bag that not only is fashionable but functional to your needs as well.

Here are a few bags that are on my “want-list”. Each bag have a different function, what style of bag is best for you? Ranging from high to low some of these ‘carry-arounds’ may be a bit steep in price but it’s all about being ‘thinspired’.

Jonath Saunders smythson
The Briefcase: A classic in the world of men’s bags JONATHAN SAUNDERS x SMYTHSON GROSVENOR COLLECTION COLORBLOCK PANEL BRIEFCASE is a brilliant fuse of color, cool and class. I want this bag for anything I feel like upstaging someone at. This bag adds to any look no matter what aesthetic you’re going for rockabilly, schoolboy chic or nouveau hipster. Its beats any stuffy old vintage  briefcase your dad used to carry.

The Backpack: Backpacks give you enough room for your work/college essentials. The bag I was salivating over originally is the Gucci g-active large perforated backpack but the price tag wasn’t enough to persuade me being that I rarely carry a backpack now that I’m approaching 30. As I was on looking for a protfoilo I see an obvious “thinpsired” version of the Gucci bag. Not always am I dressy- if ever so, this is ZARA SPORTY BACKPACK befitting for my more casual and hectic days is okay for days I’m carrying the most stuff. Who wants to destroy their good bag with actually putting things into it. This backpack is the absolute archetypal man-bag. Its very in vogue with it simplistic nomicad design, made of great durable material and at a price you don’t mind ruining.

Coach Messenger
The Messenger: If you consider yourself a prepster or just like to be well presented however, worried about the perception of your masculinity then this is the bag for you. A staple and hybrid of fashion and function of all men bags this COACH THOMPSON FOLD-OVER TOTE IN COLOR-BLOCK LEATHER is perfect for an on-the-go businessman or student. It’s durable, colorful and the leather straps still give the presence of an all male bag. I like how you can use the strap when running, riding or when your items starts to overload but the handles are great when you don’t want to wrinkle your look or give a less casual presence.

Lavin Belt Bag
The Belt Bag: Largely known as a fanny-pack, Lanvin has revamped the dated late 80’s early 90’s amusement park bag as a “belt bag.” This LANVAIN DOUBLE STRAP CALFSKIN BELT WITH REMOVABLE POCKETS was shown during the spring/summer 14 runway show and its a nice accessory for the guy who don’t carry much due to his pocket-less ensembles but still prefer the minimalist approach to fashion. This bag is all about the ensemble it will pair well with your look and keep you from having those dreaded clutter pockets.

Phillip Lim 3.1
The Gym Bag: If you care anything about how your waistline fit into any of your looks then every guy should have one of the these packed and ready by the door. Whether its like the drawstring bags presented by Burberry spring/summer 2014 show or like this PHILLIP LIM 3.1 MEDIUM SIDE ZIP DUFFLE no workout is complete without the right bag. Trusty barrel bags are genius for handling your gym kit and weekends away. Screw what anyone may say about your matching gym bag and gloves everyone deserves rock hard abs but no one likes a tacky man with weather-beaten hands. Now you have no excuse to forget any of your workout must-haves. This bag is perfect to double as your everyday bag and workout bag. The floral is on trend and the size is also good to be use as a carry-on. I’m a firm believer that a good gym look will promote a good workout.

Valentino Tote
The Tote: This like the shopper is for the man who just love a complete look from head to bag. This VALENTINO GARAVANI NYLON REVERSIBLE SHOPPING BAG in camouflage is great for the guy without much or the stylish environmentalist. I don’t like using plastic bags but I don’t like carry around those mundane reusable shoppers that’s why I enjoy carrying around a tote. Besides who remember to take those bags with you when you’re out shopping now you already have a cool bag with you. It’s a nice relax and non abrasive bag to usher you into something more daring. Only draw back to a tote is that it isn’t flattering on tall or fat people, it looks like a purse.

Zara Portfoilio (1)
The Portfolio: Now for the guy who is well secure in his manhood, a fair amount to lug around or flat out to don’t mind carrying a purse then the clutch, portfolio or whatever you want to call it is for you. ZARA CLUTCH WITH POCKETS is ideal for your tablet, important papers or a streamline well styled look. This is new territory for me, though I have the perfect gym bag, weekender and backpack I am however, trying to get into the clutch. I’ve seen many designers from Dries Van Noten to Valentino show portfolios howbeit, structured or fold-overs. If looking to add a bit of sophistication to any look then you’ve found it, as long as it doesn’t have a lot of accoutrements or an outrageous color and is a reasonable size.


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