Thinspiration: “The Pick-Up”

21 Apr

Running, squats and weights aren’t the only way to tighten up for summer. I mean the most lean stacked people I’ve sweated over are those on the court during summer battling it out in an intense game of pick-up. Overlooking the many benefits of adding basketball to your workout regime (spontaneity in routine, endurance build, core and cardio workout) how many of you actually put thought into your street-ball/workout look?

I know for me growing up in Dallas, Texas that was the most stylish part of summer. Everyone came out in their most dope summer attire while betting, cheering and courting from the sideline.

This stylish spread with slender male models Ronald Epps, Manny Cruz, Salieu Jalloh and Sheldon Verneil are photographed by David Wang and styled by Julian Antetomaso in the story ‘The Pick-Up’ for VMAN, with grooming by Kouta.

Just a little Monday thinspiration to look you best all week not matter the venue. As the temperature gets hotter so should your wardrobe.

The Pick-Up (1) The Pick-Up (2) The Pick-Up (3) The Pick-Up (4) The Pick-Up (5) The Pick-Up (6) The Pick-Up (7) The Pick-Up (8)


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