“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 4

17 Apr

Thinformation overload!!! This week’s entry for “Junk Food Journals” may just be the most hardiest thing I’ve consumed all year. If it’s toning and defining that you aim to do this season to showcase your spring/summer attire then these guys are well equipped in making that dream a reality.

Upon indulging in the amazing photos I took notice at how each totally ripped guy main focus to their bodies are their diets. Yes, they hit the gym hard but no matter how much you run, pump and squat if your diet is crap then those late night muscle spasms are going in vain.

Screenshot, bookmark and download these pointers to your motivation morgue and be thinspired!

Antoine Ward: Tumblr: The Antoine Ward FaceBook:Antoineward12
Antoine Ward (1)
Antoine Ward (2)
Antoine Ward (1) My name is Antoine Ward (IG: @ANTOINEWARDJR), I am 22 and a fitness freak.

Workout Philosophy: To make sure that getting into shape, shedding pounds and going into this new life style is because of YOU – YOURSELF want this for you. Not because it’s gonna make you appear physically attractive but because you will gain strength, relive stress and become healthy as well. If only trying to appeal attractive is your reason, I guess you can go with that, however it should be for you. Don’t try to get someone to push you. I believe that if you want something you will work your a** off to get it no matter if someone is there to push you or not. Someone else can coach you but only you can do the work to get the results – intake natural protein and by that I mean chicken, fish etc. Toxics like pills, powder and other things aren’t really necessary for your body.
Breakfast: Before I start my day, I make sure that I have breakfast. Breakfast for me consist of 4 sunny-side up eggs, I use extra virgin olive oil to fry them (no butter). I also use provolone cheese because it’s much healthier than other cheeses. With my eggs, I sometimes will make a bowl of Cream of Wheat, but majority of the time I just make a cup of green tea and take my vitamins; Fish Oil, GNC Mega Men- energy & metabolism supplement and probiotics.
Lunch: Because I workout at 4 o’clock almost everyday (because of work) I don’t eat a big lunch, so I’ll just take my vitamins again and drink a vitamin water and/or some coffee to give me energy before I workout. Coffee really make me not have an appetite, I also like to workout on an empty stomach.
Dinner: After my workout I make myself a dinner consisting of fish, skinless chicken, & veggies. Also, I changed my diet I no longer consume Gluten and I’m trying to stay away from wheat as well. These two make me bloat and it’s not a comfortable feeling. I can a little bite of something and my stomach will blow right up. So I eliminated those things from my diet.
Cheat Day: I eat French fries and orange juice. I indulge in Hersey’s chocolate bars w/ Almonds; they are my favorite. Sometimes I may have a turkey burger. I can’t eat really heavy foods like fried chicken wings and or subs because it will hurt my insides like something died inside of me.
Diet Trick: I recently just completed a week just juicing . I wasn’t consuming any whole foods. I brought a ton of fruits and veggies and just juiced them. I manage to complete the whole week with just juicing.
Problem Area: I would say is my stomach only because I get bloated quick.
Key to Discipline: is simple, I want & love to be in shape at all times. I model as well so I have to be.
Workout Routine: Last for three hours I spend an hour running on the treadmill at 7.6 speed , burning 1000 calories per run. I perform 5 different an routines making sure I hit every spot in my abdominal. I jump rope in between switching body parts I’m about to workout on. Push-ups, pull-ups, yoga, leg lifts and Russian twists. These are just a few things I do, one thing I enjoy the most are putting on ankle weights and flex my legs to make them lean and long. I hope with this brief guide I have helped in some kind of way , shape and/or form.

Darryl Williams (1)
Darryl Williams (2)
Darryl Williams (1) My name is Darryl Williams (IG: @writtenby_d), originally from TX now in FL. I eat, drink, and pray to fitness.

Workout Philosophy: Anaerobic/aerobic training mixed with intervals is the key to success. Have fun with your workouts!
Breakfast: Like 95% of Americans, I’m on the run by 8am every morning, my breakfast usually consists of a 100% whole wheat bagel, a banana, and oatmeal.
Lunch: I love to cook meals. Brown rice, fresh veggies, and baked chicken breast are my favorites. Light enough to have an effective day at work, and heavy enough to energize me though the day.
Dinner: I’m the most creative when it comes to dinner. I usually start with a salad with fresh fruit. I live for pasta. 100% whole grain noodles, and any steamed veggie selection. Sautéed chicken, shrimp, or sometimes sirloin, and insert favorite sauce.
Cheat Day: Anything I can get my hands on, however that doesn’t mean FAST FOOD. I have fun, wings…etc. Veggies are always on the menu.
Diet Trick: Stay away from fried foods and processed meats.
Problem Area: Core.
Key to Discipline: Self motivation! You are in control, and have to “wear” your body.
Workout Routine: Squats and overhead dumbbell press is my base workouts, and I progress from there. 10 minute intervals in the treadmill always present a challenge.

Jafar Idris: Email: jafar.idris.booking@gmail.com YouTube: jafaronthesax Twitter: @jafaronthesax
Jafar Idris (1)
Jafar Idris
Jafar Idris (1) My name is Jafar Idris (IG: @thereturnofjafar) and I’m from Chicago/Gary, IN. I’m a Soul and R&B saxophonist, fitness fanatic, and romance enthusiast. I’m driven by faith and by passion to be the absolute best I can be in every matter that I pursue.

Workout Philosophy: My workout philosophy is simple… DO YOUR HOMEWORK. All these girls and guys with killer bodies that everyone admires all have an abundance of experience and specific knowledge that led them to their goals. I know it’s cliché to say this, but it’s true that the hardest part of any process is just getting off your ass and starting it. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to fitness. Most people are deterred simply because they just don’t have any idea where to begin. My suggestion is always to simply zero in on a goal (build muscle, lose fat, gain strength, increase endurance, etc.) and find out what it takes to achieve it. You can’t do something that you don’t know how to do, I don’t care how many pics you’ve liked on Instagram.
My meals generally have the same components: A rich protein source and plenty of clean carbs.
Breakfast: The most important meal of the day. You’ve been asleep and basically fasting for 6-8 hours and your stomach is empty. The choices you make to kick start your digestive system and set the tone for how you feel all day starts with this meal. For that reason, I typically have unsweetened rolled oats or some kind of low sugar whole grain cereal with milk. The only sweet source I add is fresh or dried fruit. My protein source is either a nice big egg omelette or a protein smoothie if I don’t feel like cooking. A habit that people should adapt is using their protein powders to make actual meal equivalents. Add fruit, veggies, vitamin powders, fiber powders… whatever you fancy, and blend into a nutritious meal.
Lunch and Dinner: Are composed primarily of the same things such as, a significant protein source, green veggies, whole grains, and/or some kind of potato for carbs. I’m a huge fan of seafood, and I enjoy chicken and lean cuts of beef as well but not too often. I don’t eat pork or pork byproducts. I drink plenty of water daily it helps distribute the nutrients from your food better and it keeps your kidneys in better shape from consuming a lot of protein daily.
Cheat Day: I don’t necessarily have an actual cheat ‘day’. I have cravings and I don’t like to feel like anything is off limits to me. When I want something junkie to eat, I eat it. I just eat only one serving a day max and then I’m done with it. It’s all about not doing things in excess. Too much of anything could be bad for you in some way, even too much money. The government always wants their share and family and friends always try to screw you out of what they think they deserve. Anyway… I’m particularly partial to sweets, my cheat foods are almost always along those lines.
Diet Trick: My diet trick would be along the lines of what I mentioned in the Cheat Day portion. See with fitness it’s not so much a diet as it is a lifestyle. Lifestyle means long term. The term “diet” typically has a connotation associated with temporary. The more you can find ways to live with a “diet” comfortably, the more likely you’ll succeed. My trick is as I said, if everyday I have a small serving of the foods I absolutely LOVE, then I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. I just feel like I’m practicing self control and taking my well-being into my own hands.
Problem Area: Well I’m 6 feet 3 inches tall with a 30 inch waist and all my life I’ve been long and lean, and taller than my age group growing up. It’s not so much that it’s a problem area, but my legs have always been the muscle group that I’ve had to significantly work harder to make them prominent. I have a high metabolism and great muscle structure genetically. However, sometimes you just have to figure out what works for your body in particular. Naturally, I’ve had an 8 pack since I was 13 and when I started doing pushups in High School my chest and arms and shoulders blew up easily. But my legs need much more of a challenge to grow majorly. Some people have thick legs naturally, I sure don’t lol.
Key to Discipline: My key to discipline is when you’re doing something, no matter what it is, always stay focused on the task alone. See it through to its completion. Two prime examples of the abuse of opportunity in fitness are not preparing your workout before going to the gym, and wasting a LOT of time idling when you’re supposed to be working out. Two remedies to this: First, bring a stopwatch or your smartphone with a timer app on it to keep your rest periods in between sets strict and systematic. People can add 30 minutes or even up to an hour to their gym session from all the time they spend sitting at machines too long. The timer becomes your personal trainer telling you when to GO! Secondly, bring your exact workout with the number of reps and sets to the gym with you on a small notepad or on a notepad app on your phone so you know what you’re doing before you get to the gym. I suggest the stopwatch and notepad over the smartphone because you’ll be less tempted to goof off on the phone at any given time.
Workout Routine: Boy oh boy. Well I vary my routine a lot, I won’t even begin to type all THAT. I’ve written a novel already haha. But… here’s a major tip though as far as rep ranges when you’re doing weighted strength training:

1-5 reps = Pure Strength Gains
6-8 reps = Some Strength and Size
8-12 reps = The Ideal Rep Range for Adding Mass
13-20+ reps = Increasing Endurance

You wanna keep this chart of sorts in mind when planning your workouts. Fewer reps means much more weight and more reps would mean to go lighter. However, those who swear by low weight and high reps for any other purpose than to increase endurance, their time could be much better spent. At best, exercises like that turn into a very poor cardio workout. The term “toning” when it comes to muscle is defined by growing the muscle to give it noticeable size and burning fat around it so it can show. You can really “shape” it necessarily. Our muscle shape is predetermined by our genetic makeup.


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