“Junk Food Journals:” Entry 3

2 Apr

Truth is, I love good food. Problem is, sometimes I eat more than I should. Once upon a time I had a fast metabolism that allowed me to destroy every plate in sight, my plate, your plate and her plate. I thought this magical fat absorption superpower would last forever. No one told me age would be its kryptonite. Today I consider myself a vigilant against blubber. Even the skinny guardian (me) have off days and as much as I hate to admit it, I can’t do it alone.

Just like Batman I have my own secret society of fat fighters.

No doubt about it the key to staying fit or developing the body you desire takes discipline. That has been the running theme of all the participants of the “Junk Food Journals.” These toned guys stick to a plan, stay the course and not only do they have weaknesses they don’t let it stop them from creating abs, legs, chest and arms of steel. When you see people achieving the exact things you long for it’s should only feed you an abundance of energy and motivation to do the same. Read this week’s entry to be thinspired.

Jare’d Goodloe: www.theemergingman.com Instagram:jagoodloe Facebook: Modeljgoodloe
Jare'd Goodloe (1)
Jare'd Goodloe (2)
Jare'd Goodloe (3)
I’m a 26 y.o. guy that lives in Atlanta with dreams and I’m living them, that’s the best way to sum it up. I feel like nothing is too big it’s just how the hell am I going to get there. I really enjoy fitness and live a lifestyle of it, not a cheat diet.
Workout Philosophy: Lifting your own body weight is the best way to define muscles and grow your body. I’m all about mixing it up in order to get faster and more defined results.
Breakfast: I’m addicted to boiled eggs. Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day and the best time to load up. I always try to get a big breakfast in, not for just the calories but for the energy.
Lunch: I have never been a big lunch person. I usually do a lot of salmon salads, Caesar salmon salads are my favorites. I try to get a lot of green vegetables in at lunch too for energy purposes. On days when I have heavy cardio I also try to load on carbs.
Dinner: Dinner usually varies. If I’ve skipped the gym that day, dinner will be light. I try to get something green in for dinner too. If I did workout I will have a protein shake along with a salad or veggie patty.
Cheat Day: My favorite cheat day treat is the Morning Bun at Starbucks.
Diet Trick: I don’t diet, I live a lifestyle of healthy living. When you diet it’s predicted you will fail and make excuses for yourself. When you live healthy you just do it; you think twice about heavy carbs, fried things and white sugars.
Problem Area: My problem area is my quads, as a model they can’t be too big. I have to be sure to still work them but keep lean with cardio.
Key to Discipline: Not buying any more clothes and feeling confident. When your body is together you feel more like “The Man”.
Workout Routine: Some of my secrets. Wow! Now they won’t be secrets if I tell but I will say is I do a bit of everything. I incorporate P90x for my abs, T25 for cardio and I run twice a week. I don’t lift heavy weights at all, at most 35 lbs. Being a model, I have to be careful not to lift as heavy as I would like because, I need to be toned but lean enough to fit clothes.

Que Mitchell: Instagram: Iamdemetre Facebook: Demetre prince Que Mitchell Twitter: @IamDemetre
Que Mitchell (2)
Que Mitchell (4)
Que Mitchell (1)
My name is Que Mitchell. I am 21 years old student athlete studying at McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois. I workout 5 times a week (Monday – Friday).
Workout Philosophy:If you want to get fit its not an easy thing. You have to be dedicated, focus and have a lot of positive energy around you. Working out will take a lot of you. But you have to push and work harder each and every day to reach your goal. Be determine to get better and stay focus and dedicated.
Breakfast: Is essential before working out. I have a protein shake or cereal. Never EVER skip a meal.
Lunch: I eat really heavy like red meat with rice or pasta. Doing so helps rev up my metabolism to process food faster.
Dinner: I have a protein shake or a chicken salad.
Cheat Days: Is on a Sunday because that’s when the most food is cook at home. However, the actual real cheat is a cup of ice cream while watching basketball on Sunday.
Diet Trick: When I slack off and wanna get in shape real quick I go on a vegetable and fruits diet. I will only eat vegetables and fruits for a month to lose some weight then start back my workout regimen to get back in shape.
Problem Area: My abdomen area is what I target the most. I have a slight bulge on my belly but my abs are still visible.
Key to Discipline: I am a track athlete so I have no other choice than to be discipline.
Workout Routine: I work on my upper body Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I worked on my lower body on Tuesday and Thursday. I do Abs workout each day and I focus on my core on Friday after my lower body workout.

Kevin Limbrick: Instagram: @Kev_Kei Twitter: @Kev_Kei
Kevin Limbrick (1)
Kevin Limbrick (2)
Kevin Limbrick (4)
My name is Kevin Limbrick. I’m 28 y.o. flight attendant. Originally from Dallas Tx and I started my fitness journey with 7 push-ups and a prayer.
Workout Philosophy:The body is a slave to the mind. What you set your mind to your body must do. In other words focus, commit, and never quit.
Breakfast: I have a protein shake soon as my eyes open. Then I have egg whites, toast and fruit.
Lunch: Baked chicken, rice, and a green veggies.
Dinner: Salmon, green veggies, and a starch.
Cheat Day: Very rare because I cook my meals out for the week but it would be pizza w/ extra cheese.
Diet Trick: Setting my timer to make sure I’m eating every 2hrs.
Problem Area: Eating every 2hrs lol due to the nature of my career as a flight attendant. It’s hard to get meals in when trapped on a plane for hours at a time.
Key to Discipline: My want for a better body honestly. The desire for it has become so strong that I HAVE to obtain it in a healthy and natural way of course, but I have to have it.
Workout Routine: Mon:chest, Tue:back, Wed:shoulders, Thurs:arms and Fri:legs/abs (works may vary, muscle confusion and all).


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