Be Well Rounded Not Round.

17 Mar

I freaking love this woman more than food. That’s not saying a lot but you get it. I don’t know how I missed this interview . I can’t believe the amazing, probably most famous Supermodel of all time Naomi Campbell  visited the New York morning radio show “The Breakfast Club.”

This woman is  pure class though, she is known to get a wee bit rowdy when need be, she gave a rather charming interview for the urban show. Even when she was being grossly attacked by carb overloaded goon to her right, she handled it brilliantly. Ms. Campbell managed to be personable, funny and tell about her many pleasures. Such as, her orphanages, second season of her show “The Face” on Oxygen and her love for music and the great late Mr. Mandela.

I am in awe of her “slightly” showing some of her diet and exercise secrets as well as, her strong stance and involvement in balance diversity on the runway. She’s like a thin well styled renascence woman. My thinspiration for the week and the reason I’m going for a run after I post this. Check it out.


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