Thinspiration: Dreamscapes

9 Mar

Happy Sunday! To some this is the last day of the weekend and if you’re a “glass half full” type of person it’s the first day of the week. Many of us are feeling like we’re constantly falling howbeit, it at our job, relationships and with this being the weekend of course our diets. However, how far the fall don’t we all wish we could do it with such style and grace as these weightless male models Dominique Hollington and Salieu Jalloh.

Shot for Issue 2 of Veoir magazine by photographer Paul Jung. These images are thinspiring due to the grace that we sometimes don’t exuded when we fail or fall short of a goals. It’s common to be embarrassed, go into hiding or be ashamed when you’ve exclaimed to the world of your successes or have many people believing in you to only come up short. We all handle defeat differently but as my dad told me “there’s always tomorrow.”

As long as you stay diligent to your true/original purpose and stay the course you will have a better landing. Also, it’s important not to burn the steps upon the the ladder you had to climb moving towards your goal. In return to said ladder the trek back up won’t be as tough.

Just in these solemn gorgeous images titled “Dreamscapes” it may feel lonesome out there but there are always someone watching so be sure to look your best whatever the situation! Use your dreams to escape your nightmare.

Thinspiration-Dream Scapes  (1) Thinspiration-Dream Scapes  (2) Thinspiration-Dream Scapes  (3) Thinspiration-Dream Scapes  (4)


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