Digest This Too! #NYFW

10 Feb

Here I am serving you more from New York Fashion Week fall/winter 2014, enjoy!

Band of Outsiders FW14

A cheery presentation from Band of Outsiders that was homage to the British newsboys of the Forties and Fifties. I’m pleasantly amused at how upbeat and preppy this collection is with ombre polka dots, warm-ups tailored as suits and retro outerwear. This is a collection that’s full of subtle personality. Not too over the top but just enough to show your panache for fashion.

Designer Donna Karan used “real people” for her DKNY runway show Sunday- whatever that means, I’m guessing people who eat bread. There were a select few men garments sent down the runway and a great selection it was. The garments are all inclusive of craftsmanship, innovation and diversity. You can tell thought went into the men’s look just as much as the women. Sometimes quality gets lost in men’s fashion and this collection has a nice quality of all the elements of style (cut, color and convenience).

Pryer Moss FW14

Pyer Moss showed a rather current presentation. By current I mean fashion right now, nothing forecasting of next year. Which, can be seen as late or not innovative enough however, still relevant enough to excite fashion enthusiasts with an urbane sense of style. Inspired by 19th century samurai’s known as the Shizoku the collection showcased sweatshirts in double faced neoprene and leather, well tailored Gore-tex pants with nylon paneling and a gasoline treated biker leather jacket that are all a good embodiment of tough street winter wear.

Public School FW14

BIG BIG BIG money!!! 3 years into the label and with financial support from the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Public School has upgraded not only in garment quality but transitioning from it’s usual presentation to a full on runway show. Even introducing womenswear, which I HATE (but now they have big bills to pay so I get it.) This monochromatic collection has a monastic aura that is very chic and luxurious. A collection of intriguing and stylistic crafted tweed, motorcycle pants, caplets and leather harnesses with a ‘hood’ flare.

Robert Geller FW14

I like Robert Gellar, Fashion Lord knows I do. But I’m dead tired of this leather black & grey Edward Scissorhands aesthetic season after season. However, at least this is less creepy sailor instead a new type of eccentricity…creepy gentleman. With boxy suits and soft knits one can predict that neoprene will be the leather of next year.

Siki Im FW14

Siki Im had a white and pink makeshift penitentiary vibe last season that was a bit lacking in actually garments. It comes at no surprise that this being fall/winter this collection is more plush, grander and architectural. Even though the fit/cut of the pants are not my cup of tea I must state that the volume and angle of the jackets/coats are phenomenal. The standouts are the chalk-like graphics and oversize knits.

Tim Coppeans FW14

The clash of active-wear meets high-fashion is always the theme of Tim Coppens. Still sticking with his usually black and white splatter concept but introducing faint accents of winter white, plaids and evergreen all giving a mountain climbing theme. You have to appreciate the construction of these garments that are refined with a air of aloofness. The silhouettes are just magically to me.


2 Responses to “Digest This Too! #NYFW”

  1. ben February 10, 2014 at 12:51 pm #

    Very nice everything on here is super dope!

  2. ben February 10, 2014 at 12:59 pm #

    Thanks Theodolph Mason for showing me this site

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