So There’s No Chocolate Left… Anywhere?

5 Feb


You’ve got to be kidding me right?! With all the “thinspiration” posts and copious amount of runway shows I shove down my readers throat, you mean to tell me Details magazine couldn’t find at the minimum ONE black male model to include in it’s March “fashion” (I use fashion lightly because American menswear mags are the most boring by comparison) Model issue?

I am a avid reader/subscriber of Details and this issue has done more than curbed my appetite; not in the good calories conservation way. Of the 10 male models hand picked for this shoot only two are ranked high on’s Top 50 Working Male Models listing (Sean O’Pry & Clement Chabernaud.) They completely overlooked Corey Baptiste, David Agbodji, Fernando Cabarl and Sacha M’Baye who are four of the top earning black male models with major runway, campaigns, and editorials under their 31 inch belts.

I don’t want to be the black person always pulling the race card when feeling ignored however, I’m getting tired of walking on eggshells trying to ignore blatant racism being a black man myself.

“The industry has definitely come to a crossroads, when menswear initially began to emerge as an industry a lot of the male models were disposable — props to the women almost — but that has definitely changed. We live in such a developed and expanding celebrity culture that the fact the models are breaking their way into the public consciousness, solely for modelling, is notable.” – said casting director Edward Kim of the Edit Desk for Details Magazine

Yes, great strides for males in a woman dominated billion dollar industry but what about the dark male counterparts. I’m sure there’s more than enough to go around. With household names like Tyson Beckford and Rob Evans its understood that they can be attributed for ushering this “crossroads.” I mean they could have at least included top Chinese male model Zhao Lei if too much melanoma was the problem.

“I think with social media there has definitely been a shift, we have been given a little bit of power to put our opinion out there. If you look at people like Cara Delevingne, Candice Swanepoel, Gisele, and not so far back, Naomi and Kate, people who have a lot of power and influence; a lot of that has to do with the places that they could showcase their opinion. Of course, you use social media to build your brand, you have to take the power. Take that control where you can.” – Garrett Neff for Details

Well maybe I’m following the wrong people because I’ve hardly if ever seen some of these faces in my feed. I’m more so disgusted that in this day, time and age in America blacks aren’t even being considered. It’s one thing to not include someone but to be completely dismiss is classicist and egregious being that blacks have such a strong buying power in retail.

But at least the models cast for this spread was style decently.









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