Sleep Eating

22 Jan

Agi & Sam FW14 (14)

Agi & Sam‘s use of an all-Black cast plus Masai patterns was more than electrifying to keep this seemingly sleepwear collection floating down the runway during London Collections Men fall/winter 2014. When I first seen this show I was kind of put off by the crop of the trousers, slippers and bedtime-like caps. But there was one thing that I couldn’t deny, the impeccable tailoring and lines throughout this collection. There’s no secret that black, lines and oversize is the perfect formula to appearing thin during the season where the most clothing is needed. A very chill theme for this warm show. I am a fan of the black and white along with the simple non-fussy layering. I feel that the scale of the clothing is sleek enough to not look over done when overlaying each piece to create the winter aesthetic. The crop jackets are a prefect blend for the long caftan-like shirts and the variety in silhouettes of the jackets will secure these looks being pulled for any type of shoot from preppy to street. Even the puff vest is laid back but elegant.



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