Some More Supplements! #LCM

9 Jan

“Gulp” up the last day of the London Men Collections fall/winter 2014 while I prepare for Milan Men’s Fashion Week and catch up on my calories burned.

A Sauvage FW14
A. Sauvage showed a chilled and clean collection of dope menswear. From the shoes up to the shades this was British rocker posing as a civilian inspired (or the other way around) array of clothing. The looks are dressy with a relaxed everyday wear-ability to the styling and construction. Seems like emerald green and ox blood will be the color of next fall/winter.

Burberry FW14
Not as great as the current fall/winter collection, Christopher Bailey managed to redeem himself from his boring spring/summer collection. This Burberry show is less slim/militant and loose/romantic. Per usual great bags and coat; what is very surprising and interesting, I detect a small Italian influence al la Dolce & Gabbana with scarves, net shirts and the loose/tapered pants.

Chirstopher Shannon FW14
Christopher Shannon runway show was sporty and sexy. These would be ideal fashionable workout clothing and club attire. The huge prints and sleeves sown to the back of the shorts gave the sportswear looks and fun rebellion theme, an ode to the kids of the 80’s.

Katie Eary FW14
This Katie Eary show is an great example of putting on a great runway and two or three shows during LCM that manage to do that. The great thing about a Katie Eary show/collection is that not only is the presentation over-the-top but there are really awesome garments. The prints are solid, so is the craftsmanship also, there are superb winter pieces. The combination of Mickey heads, added zippers and harnesses there was a wicked wittiness to these garments.

Kent & Curwen FW14
I love clean cut well-made jaunty clothing. So does Kent & Curwen with the precise cuts and superb detailed jackets this collection is anything short of dapper, chic and amazing. From motorist to librarian these look are vintage and all around excitingly cool. This is how every guy should want to look during the premier season of fashion. You see Simon Spurr’s stellar sportswear tailoring all over it.

Another of the brilliant complete shows I aforementioned, KTZ supremely executed black & white in color. One of the many designers that thrive on the hip hop jumbo size of the 90’s has been the talk of LCM with his “filtered” show. This icy collection have remnants of the Himalayas, tribal and religious themes.

Pringle of Scotland FW14
Pringle of Scotland is a fairly new collection to me and I was caught by the hue of cobalt blue and well made turtlenecks. Delicate but durable is what I enjoy about this presentation which is a hard feat for menswear and fall/winter attire. They offered luxe knits, interesting shoes and rich colors.

E. Tautz FW14
Tour De Froce is what this collection from E. Tautz is being deemed as and rightfully so. Each season E. Tautz does a breathtaking job of creating airy masculine shapes with the midas touch of intricacy. Just take in the effused traditional English patters meshed with eastern prints, geometric shapes and metallic fabrics.

Diesel Black Gold FW14

Party in your pants, literally! Diesel Black Gold fall/winter collection is nothing but DOPE! I call this runway collection rockstar-space-cadet-chic. Fur, leather, metal and attitude is all you need to pull off any of these great for fall holiday parties look with these garments. I see NYE2014 picks right here.


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  1. Simply Chic January 13, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

    i’m into the velvet and the leather!

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