More Supplements! #LCM

8 Jan

Day two of London Men Collections…

I’m missing my morning jog to post this!!! FASHION is sabotaging my diet!

Alexander McQueen FW14
Every season I find myself skipping the Alexander McQueen show only because I’m just not a fan of Sarah Burton’s taste level. Being the outerwear fanatic I am I must admit this collection got my attention with the beyond fantastic assortment of fall/winter layers. Similar to TopMan’s dark wet feel this McQueen collection is a winner because of the great use of prints and graphics as well as, presenting a look that is more hard and current than gilded and dated. There is a Gothic rockabilly feel to these looks that is pure Scottish fashion scene heritage.

Casely-Hayford FW14
The line is drawn in the fashion sand with Casely-Hayford’s collection. What would normally be a more relaxed silhouette of oversize (another running design theme) and layering this collection was able to go many different place from outdoor to the future then, a trip to Scotland. This collection managed to be multi-layered with ease perfect for the cool eccentric guy that likes to dress up.

Christopher Kane FW14
Known for his prints and minimalist voluminous shapes Christopher Kane went with the latter for this presentation. The spring/summer collection was more about the prints where this is more about the shape of the garments. I adore how these looks aren’t overwhelming yet all are standout pieces. This is how I like to dress using only one piece of clothing to style around instead of layering and accessories to death to create an entire look.

Christopher Raeburn FW14
Christopher Raeburn.. OUTERWEAR OUTERWEAR OUTERWEAR! Thank you for desging functional and fashionable attire for the elements of fall/winter. From the chunky coats to the toggles and snow boots this collection is everything a guy in university or live an on-the-go lifestyle would need and desire.

Common FW14
What caught my eye about this COMMON presentation is the suits. I like this reinvention of the suit; it’s not too skinny or Wall-street. I see a goof blend of 90’s street style, highschool/university guy and fashion savant. You know it’s a good collection if you can’t pick your favorite look.

Hackett London FW14
A great fitting suit will always beat out any other dude’s style on the block any day. Hackett London fashion show was just impressive and exemplary of said notion. With great cuts and colors there are suits for the office, weekend and dinner. The color palette and textile choices are ideal for winter and the layering is just lightweight enough to not look bulky but still stay warm and dapper.

James Long FW14
James Long show is like a Monte, from far away there are some interesting, fun and lively pieces but up close it’s a mess. Though I like this collection I also hate it. It’s like the 90’s tried to go future and play baseball, poor fabric choice but overall good theme.

Kay Kwok FW14
Kay Kwok wowed me with this show. Before now I’ve never sheen a collection from this designer also, my personal style isn’t so flamboyant fashion forward. However, you can’t deny art. Some clothing isn’t for wearing but for looking at, just take in the stellar mix media prints and structure construction of the garments. An obvious non-Earth concept that leave a lasting effect on your taste level. Not all futuristic themed collection have to be overbearing and unwearable so I appreciate the litheness in this show.

Nicole Farhi FW14
Clothing should be easy, stylish and versatile. This is what I get from Nicole Farhi presentation a very natural masculine array of fall/winter wear. Brilliant use on non-conventional fabric.

Sibling FW14
Cozy and fun is what the Sibling show exhibited. Fur, cheetah print and jumbo knits is all one may need next year. Thus far this has been the most exciting show. It doesn’t take itself too seriously while still producing some quality winter looks. But I’m more focused on model’s Corey Baptiste’s waistline, when will this belted waist trend catch on for men here in America?!


3 Responses to “More Supplements! #LCM”

  1. Simply Chic January 8, 2014 at 11:22 pm #

    those suits!!! i love a man in a suit.

  2. Izael Garrido January 8, 2014 at 11:30 pm #

    really cool 😀

  3. C.Michelle January 9, 2014 at 8:12 am #

    I Love Hackett London! Simply Chic n’ Fabulous!

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