Have a Very Skinny Christmas.

23 Dec

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It snowed here yesterday and I instantly was ready to pack up and move back to Texas. I’ve been living in Kansas for about nine years and being from Texas were we only have two seasons; extremely hot and not so hot, you’d think that I would be a major fan of white Christmases.

However, I’m not! After the first winter here I don’t care if I ever see snow again in my life. This dreadful snow is inconveniencing my weight; I can’t do my morning jogs, it’s ruining my good shoes and it’s becomes ugly as soon as people get out in it.

Snow is slowly but surely turning me into a Grinch- a skinny one but nevertheless, a Grinch. I will admit that the best part about the snow is that it keeps me locked inside and no aimless trips to the grocery for silly things like eating. I’m stuck in the house with only berries and water.

Though, I can give you many reasons as to my disdain for the snow, yesterday after I left church I went on an excursion. I got myself a late birthday early Christmas gift, a Samsung NX3000 camera. Since it wasn’t many people out I knew I could get some pretty decent shots of the snow.

While I was freezing my (now nonexistent) butt off, I began reminiscing about my childhood Christmases. I must say no matter what my family was going through my parents always made a way for us to have the most awesome Christmas every year.

There were Christmases where we go every gift imaginable, some where my parents would torment my brother and I by keeping the tree bare until Christmas morning (which was child abuse if you ask me, you know what that does to a child’s self-esteem believing fat Santa don’t care about them?) I’ve had the Christmas where I got the full size train set that naturally my dad played with because we was too busy riding our new bikes with our childhood best friends Victor & Luis while playing with our walkie-talkies.

My favorite Christmas memory is on the off chance that it snowed my uncle would load all the kids on my block in the back of his truck and do doughnuts in the empty snow covered parking lot of the neighborhood church. How can I forget all the same kids squeezing onto the tail gate of Mr. Johnny’s pickup as he took us to see the Christmas lights in different neighborhoods? I remember one year my neurotic mom actually let us help her decorate the Christmas tree, my brother, dad and I felt like she freed the slaves we had so much fun.

Speaking of death my basket case/unhealthy grandmother (Skinny-Jesus rest her soul) was sure she was going to die Christmas of 2000 that she spent thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts for all her grandchildren, she even bought us name brand stuff! It was like we had two Christmas because she was in the hospital on Christmas day so we didn’t actually open our gifts from her until New Year’s Eve.

Now as an adult I have to start making new Christmas memories such as, last Christmas. I drove to Dallas for two days; it actually snowed in Dallas giving my favorite nephew his first white Christmas as we drove around all day in it. Then, after dinner I had to get back on the road to drive back to Kansas to head to Mexico for my service trip to Acuña. This was the best experience of my life thus far.

Although, I will not be going home this year, I will not miss the loads of carbohydrate laden entrees and desserts but it would be nice to hang out with my entire family in one setting (to get money from them of course).

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

A Christmas Story (5)


3 Responses to “Have a Very Skinny Christmas.”

  1. psychologistmimi December 24, 2013 at 12:02 pm #

    Enjoy the snow! Happy holidays

  2. Farah December 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

    Great post ! Happy holidays


  3. Afua Abrafi December 27, 2013 at 5:09 am #

    I like these shots, I hope you had a good christmas celebration

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