Thinspiration: “Paradise City”

22 Dec

Paradise City GQ Espana (1)

It’s time people!!! Hope your Christmas shopping is all done and dessert table game plan is already in place because Wednesday we have one week to have a New Year’s Eve look pulled, purchased and pinned into (for you greedy slackers who couldn’t control yourself at the Christmas dinner table.)

Currently I’m torn between wearing leather or sequins for NYE. The dilemma is that I think every premier gay will be donning sequins this year and I don’t think I can pull off leather. However, after scavenging through this year’s last fashion issues I came upon GQ’s Espana’s last issue for 2013 “Paradise City” and boy don’t they know how to ‘thinspire’ and close out the year right.

Photographer Giampaolo Sgura & Fashion Editor/Stylist Miguel Arnau found all the leather ever invent and shown during menswear fall/winter fashion week, drench a group of onyx skinned models and shot a very ostentatious edgy editorial.

Long story short, I just purchased my first pair of leather pants.

Maybe it was how stealth dope model Adonis Bosso looked or how renegade cowboy chic Henry Watkins looked on the motorcycle or how well crafted Dominique Hollington’s pout is in these pictures. Who am I kidding black in an automatic thin win.

So leather it is for NYE… unless I find a full on sequin suit.

Paradise City GQ Espana (2)

Paradise City GQ Espana (3)

Paradise City GQ Espana (4)

Paradise City GQ Espana (5)

Paradise City GQ Espana (6)


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