Lithe Trek

2 Dec

Your fluctuating pants size may be in the middle of the road but don’t leave your winter footwear there too. It’s cyber Monday, the perfect time to leave your mark by catching some discounts on this season biggest trends in winter boots.

The best thing about shopping for shoes, your shoe size never changes and last week gourge fest doesn’t count- on your feet at least. Now your man boobs is a-whole-nother post. Join me in some Monday gym procrastinating activities of online shopping.

Top 6 Boots For Men


EMBOSSED LEATHER BOOT from Zara $169: Wingtips are a great way to add texture to your ensemble while including your shoes. The color makes them versatile for denim or chino and with a chunky graphic sweater this would be a great addition to any city look. The rubber heel makes them functional for the winter terrain of snow, ice and sleet.

Burke Boot

Burke Boot from Banana Republic for $198: This is just a good manly boot with a hint of fashion. The buckle gives it that fashion aspect you are looking for without making it too trendy and giving you the security of donning a pair of rolled up skinnies with the modern robust waders.

Leather Ankle Strap Buckle Boots

Peal & Co.® Leather Ankle Strap Buckle Boots from Brooks Brothers for $698: What’s the term for people who wants to have sex with inanimate object? Also, is it a condition that I can get a check for so that I can purchase these shoes? These ankle boots are every shoe; stylish, sexy, sophisticated and understated. The clothing options are endless this boot does what boots should do- elevate your look.

Men's Grey Distressed Suede Molto Alto Sneaker Boot

Men’s Grey Distressed Suede Molto Alto Sneaker Boot from Deltoro for $350: For you laid back guys this is a premier casual boot. Ideal for a guy who wants to take his grunge look to the next level. Add some leather joggers and a lumberjack plaid shirt and your effort looks effortless.

Peal & Co Chukka Boots

Peal & Co.® Chukka Boots from Brooks Brothers for $528: Every guy should have a pair of Chukka or Desert boots, they are the quintessential accessory for a man about town. From hoodies to cable knits and suits to distress denim you can’t go wrong dressing these.

Tri Color Brogue Boots

Tri-Colored Brogue Boot from Topman for $130: I personally just purchased these. Not only are they a great bargain I also, found these interesting. A nice bleand of creativity and classic. I can wear these in the winter and spring. All I need now are some complimentary oxford shirts.


One Response to “Lithe Trek”

  1. Theodolph L. Mason (@theCreateO) December 3, 2013 at 9:45 am #

    Great selections and suggestions. Something for everyone.

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