Still Convincing Yourself To Be Fat?

6 Nov

Still Fat Eating healthy cost too much! I’m too busy to cook! Healthy food taste bland! Oh, and my favorite, to eat healthy you must be on a diet.

These are a few of the many excuses most of you spew when asking for weight lost tips but refuse to be proactive in losing that gut. You complain about your ever expanding waistlines and the tiger stripes forming on your backside and arm otherwise known as stretch marks however, you form any and every cop-out to sustain your belly fat.

Often I find myself defending my vegetarian “thin” lifestyle to the extent of sometimes coming off as if I’m trying to imposing my lifestyle choices onto others. Quite the contrary, I couldn’t care less how or what you put into your body although, I will not let you sit in my face and come up with lies as to why you’re more than 50% body fat (that’s half of your body made up of lard.)

I completely understand how hectic life can get and a balanced meal is the last thing on your mind after dealing with an unsavory boss, highlighting endless assigned chapters and still managing to be socially active. Also, considering some of you don’t know how nor truly have the time to add another thing to your calendar like portion control and calorie counting.

Do you feel like the grocery store is trying to sabotage your pants size? Is it easier to just order a number seven and call it a day? Would you rather just catch a clothing sale and but an extra large rather than spending all your money on pots, pans and leafy greens?

If you answered yes to these questions then I agree. NO I don’t agree with you succumbing to being a size porky but I do understand your plight. That’s why I’m here, to help you become that thin person that smothered underneath all that waste.

There are many misconceptions to eating healthy such as, TIME, PRICE & TASTE.

Price: I do get that sometimes the sales on fatty foods are lower than a bushel of broccoli. Just today I decided to drink my calories so went to buy myself a gas station cappuccino. The 20oz was $2.50 and the 32oz was .99 and I’m standing there like wow, it is cheaper to be obese! That’s why I make a grocery budget every month allowing myself a certain amount of money to spend on food no matter what until the next month. I even factor in eating out. Doing this keeps me from buying things that I don’t need, eating the wrong things and having extra money to get my clothes taken in from the weight lost.

Key factors to healthy grocery shopping are; veggies (frozen, canned or fresh) are cheaper than pizza, family size bag of chips or stuffed sausages. Don’t let the grocery store marketing/layout fool you. Notice how all the horrible food surrounds the perimeter of the store; stop shopping in the checkout line. Also, you can make multiple burgers (preferably black bean or garden) with less fat for less by buying all the ingredients and just making it at home. Don’t shop hungry, plan ahead to know what’s on sale and purchase generic brands they are cheaper and contain the same ingredients if not made in the same factory.

Time: I get it, you’re busy. Consider this; try weekly meal planning on your day off or the day with the most down time, prep meals for a few days out. Doing this will not only saving you time cooking, but your eating habits will be better maintained and save money on dinning out. By cooking in your own kitchen you use fewer additives cutting calories. It takes more time waiting for your order in line than going home to cook. Buy in bulk so that you won’t have to worry about constant time consuming trips to the grocer. Stay away from precut veggies. Yes it may save you prep time but that convenience is a 1 to 2 dollar up charge.

Taste: My taste buds never been better! I eat healthy and cook a lot of flavorful dishes (when I do eat.) You can have your favorites such as, pizza, chili, and pasta and even fried food (why, I don’t know.) It’s all in how you cook it. Google different recipes to cooking your favorite dishes with a lower sugar, fat and calorie count. I personally enjoy all the herbs and spices I can now taste and use by eating healthy. Your pallet becomes more intricate when it’s not confused by the processed foods and globs of sauce used to cover up the crap it takes to make those dishes at your favorite eatery.

A “Thin Lifestyle” is cheaper, not only will you spend less on food but eating healthy creates discipline and regulates eating habits. You’ll see a positive difference in your pockets and waist.


2 Responses to “Still Convincing Yourself To Be Fat?”

  1. Antonio Maurice Daniels November 6, 2013 at 10:59 pm #

    Very good article. People will make all kinds of excuses to not eat healthy. It gets on my nerves when people say that eating healthy is being on a diet. I would love for people to understand that they cannot afford not to eat healthy.

  2. The Fashion Student November 7, 2013 at 1:57 pm #

    Great article! totally agree, people can eat healthy and its not that hard!

    Carina Hsieh

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