“Fat is temporary, style is forever.”

1 Nov

New Classic

Fat is temporary, style is forever. With every season change there comes a point of evaluation howbeit, our bellies, relationships (cuffing season) or our closets. With the drop in temperature as well as the onslaughts of holiday party invitations it’s time to reorganize or wardrobes.

Not just in the sense of moving the sweaters to the front of your closet or unpacking your camel and vintage trench coats or tossing all your shorts but in perfecting your personal style.  We all want a personal aesthetic that is classic/timeless; although with all the magazines and fashion segments on our favorite daytime shows focusing on trends of the moments does anyone really know how to perfect a “classic style.”

I enjoy trends just as much as the next fitness fashion enthusiast. No one wants to be gallivanting around during the premier fashion season in last year’s must-haves.

Creating a classic style is a lot like losing weight (yes, it always comes back to you being a fat a**) you have to find what works for you and build on that.

Some may argue that having a specific style may be a bit boring or unimaginative, on the contrary sticking with what you know while incorporating a few “of moment” pieces has many advantages i.e. provoking efficiency, effortlessness and displaying exactly who you aim to be to the world. No I am NOT promoting a uniform, I think they are stupid, redundant and the main reason why some people look bad built. Know when to let it go!

To create a classic look for fall/winter all you need to do is…

Embrace Your Current Look: Don’t try to be someone else. At this point you should know what colors work with your skin or what’s your best body part. I suggest you simply update your look, instead of a plain black sweater try an oversized cashmere black sweater. Try some of your favorite pieces in different fits, textiles and colors.

Review Your Closet: Discard the things you haven’t worn or can’t fit, if you haven’t dieted down by now you suck, donate it.

Take Your Measurements: Majority of people look horribly dressed only because their clothing doesn’t fit properly. If it’s cut to your body you’ll wear it better and more often. Knowing your exact size you’re more apt to enjoy shopping and try new silhouettes.

Function over style: No not that kind of function.  Ask yourself does this fit my lifestyle price and social wise. If you don’t have an $800 place to go outside of the club then don’t purchase some gold gilded sneakers you can’t wear to work, church or in inclement weather. Don’t be cheap with yourself either. It’s great to have one expensive investment piece like a leather pea coat than divvying your paycheck up over 21 trips to Forever 21 men’s section.

Creating a classic style will help save you money, time getting dressed and outshine your friends.

When all else fail stick with the new basics, this season try a ranger hat, streamlined standout outerwear (three quarter length, military, faux leather appendages or quilted) and a pair of tapered pants in wool or khaki with an elastic band around the ankles. Oh yeah, the shoe of the moment are high-top brogue oxfords, monk strap and the canvas boot or patent leather oxford.

Remember, when you find that perfect fit buy it in every color! The only time I condone gluttony.


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